Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Many Miles in MayMany Miles in May!

We drove over 5,000 miles in May as we transitioned from Texas, then back to the Midwest, and then to the Northwest. As a result, we had meetings in Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington. On May 1, we enjoyed our last meeting in Texas at Iglesia Bautista Fundamental near Dallas. We then had three meetings in Wisconsin at Victory Baptist Church, Birch Street Baptist Church, and First Bible Baptist Church. On Mother’s Day, we had the opportunity to be with Calvary Road Baptist Church, followed by a Missions Sunday at Greenwood Bible Baptist Church. Then we began the long drive to the Northwest, where we will be until July. On May 22, we didn’t have a meeting scheduled, but Central Baptist Church in Gillette, Wyoming, which was housing us for the night, gave me the opportunity to present our ministry and even gave us a generous love gift! I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of God’s people! We then had a wonderful time with Clark Fork Baptist Church and then at our last meeting in May at Moses Lake Baptist Church in Washington! Praise the Lord for the nine good meetings we had in May!

Trusting God!

We’ve had a few minor difficulties on deputation, but for the most part, it has been smooth sailing, so smooth in fact, that I’ve thought at times, I’m sure something bad is going to happen soon, because everything is going great so far! Sure enough, our dependence upon God was tested in May with a couple of difficulties. First, we were told that our van would cost more to fix than it was worth. Then about a week later, Christa began experiencing unbearable pain in her back, which continued to worsen to the point where she could barely stand or walk. We sought God’s help and wisdom and asked others to pray. The Lord answered our prayers in a mighty way! A mechanic from our home church was able to get the van roadworthy at a very small cost to us! Christa was able to get some help, and then miraculously, she had absolutely no pain by the end of the month! We are still watching both situations, but we are thankful for God’s help in these difficult times!


1. So many people praying for us!
2. Continued safety and financial needs met!
3. Multiple opportunities to go soul winning and give out the Gospel

Prayer Requests

1. Wisdom moving forward with Christa’s back
2. Wisdom concerning any van repairs
3. Christ-honoring meetings in Montana
4. More churches to partner with us
5. Safety as we travel

For souls,

Tim, Christa, Ethan, and Evan Simmons