Go Oishi Prayer Letter:  One-Year Anniversary of Marriage and DeputationWhat a faithful God we serve! May was a special month for us, as this is the month we celebrated one year as husband and wife, as well as one year of being on the road on full-time deputation. Just one year ago, my wife and I made the decision by faith to turn in our two-week notices of resignation at our places of work two weeks before our wedding day so that we could start full-time deputation the moment we returned from our honeymoon, as we believed God was leading us to do. Everyone, including us, thought we were crazy. However, the Lord showed Himself faithful, and we are still thriving, by His grace, on the deputation trail!

We opened the month of May with a Missions Conference in Thorp, Wisconsin. My wife and I benefited greatly from this conference, as the pastor and his wife there were veteran missionaries to Madagascar. By the end of the conference, two young ladies had decided to surrender to the mission field! Immediately following the conference was this year’s Candidate School at our missions agency, FBMI. We had the privilege of being a part of it this year with many of our friends from college. Pictured on the right are the families sent out from our sending church, Faith Baptist Church of Wildomar, California! The Bull family, standing on the far right of the photo, will be joining us in Osaka for their first term, and we have plans to serve together once on the field. Please pray for these families as they prepare to embark on their journeys of faith!

In the midst of running around the Midwest, we were given great news from the West Coast. On the 16th, we received a phone call from the church in Escondido, California, letting us know that they had voted to partner with us financially! Just a few days after that on the 20th, we received another phone call from Brentwood, California, informing us that their church will be partnering with us as well! This is the second church in the city of Brentwood that has now partnered with us. We are grateful to these churches for making a decision of faith to partner with us in His Great Commission.

We finished off the month of May at the correctional facility located in Marysville, Ohio, participating in an amazing outreach ministry that the church there had with this facility. During our time with that church, I had the opportunity to speak for a part of one of the services and be a part of the invitation for both. Many souls were born again during these revival meetings, and among them, I had the privilege of giving the Gospel to Doug, Ryan, and Joshua, all three of whom placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour that night! Please pray for these men, as they will be released soon to tell their friends and family what Jesus did for them.

We are excited to report what God did the following weekend with the time we spent at that church—please look forward to the June report for that! As of now, we have over one-third of the financial support we need for Japan. Thank you for an entire year of your prayers and support!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi