Support missionaries with online giving.

Easily make a one-time donation to missionaries by using the form below. You may register and sign in for recurring donations.

Please note: You may save money on donation fees by using the bank account option instead of the credit card option.


You can also give by writing a check, made payable to FBMI, with the missionary name, missionary number, or designated project written in the memo field. Mail checks to our office at:


We provide consistent, detailed accounting to each supporter for every donation made to FBMI. Donations given as a hard-copy check will be issued a hard-copy receipt, and donations given by registering online will be both issued an email receipt and supplied with a printable history within the online account. This allows supporters to verify that their donations were applied correctly to the missionary for whom they were intended and provides the supporter an accurate accounting of their donations for personal or tax purposes, since FBMI is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Support missionaries by giving to their projects.

Easily give directly to a missionary's project through online giving.

Many of our missionaries are currently planting churches, buying property, or in the middle of a building project. You can give specifically to help them get these projects done.