It is our vision to see Gospel-preaching churches actively multiplying in every nation.

That is why we train, support, finance, and develop missionaries and ministries which spread the Gospel and multiply churches. We love Jesus and His call to world evangelism. Thank you for letting us labor with you in this cause.


FBMI is a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN. We hold to the Baptist distinctives and fundamental doctrines found in the Word of God, and we operate under the authority of our local, independent Baptist church.

Each FBMI missionary annually confirms his or her agreement with our doctrinal statement and is sent out under the authority of his or her sending church. We come along side to assist each missionary and family as they serve Jesus Christ and the people to which they were called.


We value obedience to the Great Commission as the biblical command of our Lord. (Matthew 28:19-20)
We value discipleship as the biblical method of fulfilling the Great Commission. (II Timothy 2:2)
We value church planting as a biblical result of discipleship. (Mark 3:13-14)
We value the local church as biblically responsible to disciple believers and plant churches.
(Acts 1:6-8; Mark 3:13-14)
We value missionaries sent biblically from local churches to do the work of church planting. (Acts 13:1-4)
We value responsible stewardship with supporting churches as the biblical means of funding the Great Commission. (I Corinthians 9:9-14)
We value biblical unity among missionaries and supporting churches in fulfilling the Great Commission. (Acts 9:31)
We value clear communication among missionaries and their supporting churches to maintain biblical unity. (Philemon 6)
We value ongoing education among missionaries, pastors, and churches to be more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission. (Philippians 1:9)


Available to speak for faith promise and missions programs

DR. DANIEL J. SIEMERField Services Director and Medical Advisor
JOHN COLEDirector of Operations | Field Services Coordinator, Asia & Oceania
JEREMY SNIPESCollegiate Training Director | Field Services Coordinator, Africa & Europe
JAMES BELISLEMissionary Evangelist | Field Services Coordinator, Americas


MONA EASONBookkeeper
DANIELLE GALLARDOSecretary to Dr. Bosje
KIM MARSACKProofreader
DEBORAH EBELINGPrayer Letter Secretary


It’s been said that when God wants to do something, He uses people. Such was the case when FBMI (Fundamental Baptist Missions International) was born. In August of 1993, Pastor R. Michael Cox, with the full support of his godly deacons, led the Berean Baptist Church of Adrian, Michigan in this great step of faith.

After much discussion and prayer, FBMI was born.

Berean Baptist Church developed a vibrant and exemplary missions program, the Michigan School of Missions was founded, and he traveled weekly to teach missions courses at Hyles-Anderson College. In this setting of increasingly fruitful leadership in missions, Dr. Jack Hyles, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, asked Dr. Cox to start a mission board. After much discussion and prayer, FBMI was born.

The deacons of Berean Baptist Church joined their pastor in taking this great, initial step of faith, knowing full well it would make great financial demands on their church and that it would often draw their beloved pastor away from them and the church to care for these new responsibilities. The people of Berean Baptist Church joined in enthusiastically, as key positions were filled and spaces were dedicated to this new endeavor. Much dedicated, costly, and time-consuming research was done to develop the policies and procedures for FBMI, ones that would benefit the missionary even at the cost of greater burdens on the church and FBMI home office. God blessed as missionaries were added each year at Candidate School.

Then in 1997 Dr. Cox determined that it was God’s will for him to resign as pastor in order to dedicate himself full-time to the work and further growth of FBMI. In a step that in many ways duplicated the birth of FBMI, Dr. Les Hobbins, Pastor of Lewis Avenue Baptist Church, with the full support of the board of deacons, led the church to assume the financial burdens, administrative duties, and spiritual weight of the FBMI ministry. As this happened, FBMI continued to grow, and the church was greatly blessed with new families and the completion of their new auditorium.

Yet there was one more big step of faith that had to be made. Eventually it became apparent to Pastor Hobbins, Dr. Cox, and Dr. Hyles that the Lord indeed wanted the ministry to be located at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. In July of 2000, the FBMI ministry, complete with staff and their families, moved to Northwestern Indiana. Office space was made available at Baptist City in Schererville, and in short order FBMI was up and running again. Everyone involved in the FBMI team was eager to see what the Lord would do under Pastor Hyles’ oversight. Little did we know that in February of the coming year, Dr. Hyles would graduate to Heaven, and First Baptist Church would be calling a new pastor.

FBMI continued to grow after Dr. Hyles’ death and soon moved to the church property in Hammond. During this time, Dr. Darrell Moore, as Missions Pastor, assumed the day-to-day direction for the ministry. In this setting, God set the course for the future growth of the ministry. He must certainly have planned from the first that First Baptist Church would someday have worldwide missions influence.

Recognizing the successes and also the failure of world missions endeavors to date, our church determined to take a fresh look at the subject in the Bible and in the book of Acts in particular. FBC was resolved to pattern the FBMI ministry according to Biblical principles and examples. With much prayer and study, and without any lessening of our resolve to support individual missionaries worldwide, we began developing our team missions efforts.

Unexpectedly, the Lord directed FBMI, through a number of developments, to establish the first team in an unlikely place—China. Under the direct supervision of Dr. Doug Kalapp, Team China was officially established when the founding members left for the field in 2003. In the months that followed, property was secured, and more members were added to supervise the construction of the buildings. The second team, in Ghana, followed in 2006. The first Pastors’ School of West Africa took place in January of 2007, with the second a year later. In the summer of 2008, the third team, in Thailand, reached the field. Even after the passing of Dr. Kalapp, missionaries families continued to form together to create teams. In 2010, Team Indo-Phil arrived on the field, and in 2012, Team Peru hit the ground running. There are currently three teams in development: Team Eurasia, Team East Africa, and Team Brazil.

Decisions of direction have been made by faith rather than by sight.

From the beginning, the Lord has been honored and glorified through the FBMI ministry. Every church that has been involved has been, through the trials, marvelously blessed of God. Decisions of direction have been made by faith rather than by sight.

We pray that God would continue to bless and direct the FBMI ministry with the addition of many new individual and team missionaries, and that churches across North America and around the world might be led of God to become ever more fruitful channels of God’s provision of the vitally necessary prayer and financial support.

By the grace of God and despite the two moves, FBMI has not changed its Scriptural convictions, its emphasis on the Biblical fundamentals, or on its obedience to the Great Commission. All new developments have grown from the goal of ever more fruitful and productive service for the Lord.