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Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: A Sobering Reminder of Christ’s Soon Return

What an event-filled month this has been! This past Friday, February 23, we saw our first two Afghanis (I will call them “Nabi” and “Raheem”) profess Christ in 2024 during one of our Clubhouse meetings. What a tremendous blessing that was! [...]

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Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Team Eurasia Coming and Going

Recent Team Travels Part of our team has been traveling to a city several hours south of us and helping a pastor there with special meetings. The pastor himself was raised Muslim before coming to Christ, and God is blessing his ministry. As [...]

Nick and Beth Watt Prayer Letter: God Provided a Home!

The whirlwind of activity has briefly paused. God provided a house for us! Amen. We are so grateful. Not only did He provide a house, but He provided a house in a much better area than where we lived previously. We had never felt entirely c [...]

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