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Luncheon Dates

2021 Spring Semester

Dining Hall #1 at Hyles-Anderson College

January 19

February 16

March 16

April 13

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Gregg and Angela Schoof Prayer Letter: CRI Gave to Build the Studio

December 11th, 2023|

We are overjoyed that we are now building the studio for the radio station in Burundi. Christian Radio International (CRI) gave us what we needed to build the studio. They also gave us the equipment we used in Rwanda, which we will be putting to use again in Burundi. I want to encourage all churches [...]

Charles and Lindsey Osgood Prayer Letter: Missions Medical Clinics

December 11th, 2023|

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support! Missions Medical Clinics October 23-28, we partnered with Dr. Greg Waller and his ministry, Truth for Today Medical Missions, to conduct 6, one-day medical clinics in 6 villages where we have daughter churches. About 100 volunteers helped wit [...]

Eddie and Misty Wilson Prayer Letter: India Project

December 10th, 2023|

EXCITING NEW PROJECT! We are thrilled to share some exciting news about our recent project in India. This is one of the biggest milestones we have achieved in a while. We have the opportunity to record and air content in eight of the top languages in India, with the potential to reach over 700 milli [...]

Daniel and Rachel Solt Prayer Letter: Grateful for Salvation, Direction, Provision, and Care

December 10th, 2023|

Thanks be to God for His salvation, direction, provision, and care! The month kicked off in Parkersburg, West Virginia, at Landmark Baptist Church’s Missions Conference! We were blessed by their desire to befriend us, and sweet memories were made! Following our time in West Virginia, we flew down to [...]

Ben and Becky Turner Prayer Letter: Health Update

December 9th, 2023|

The radiation journey has come to an end Thursday. Hallelujah!! The full effect won't be known until a PET scan can be performed. They don't schedule these until three months after your last treatment. This is due to the radiation still "working" on the tumor. I do have the following appointments or [...]

Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Upcoming Furlough and Baby Arrival!

December 9th, 2023|

Thank you for the privilege of representing you here in Taiwan! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! We would ask your prayers for our scheduled furlough from early December through mid-May 2024. Please pray for us as we travel. Pray also for my wife, as we will be having a little baby g [...]

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