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$1999All Inclusive
  • NOVEMBER 13-21


$899For Outside of USA
  • NOVEMBER 14-20


$249Event Only
  • NOVEMBER 18-19

Have you ever said to yourself, “There has got to be a better way”? How many times have you wished you could sit down with other leaders who understand the kinds of challenges and responsibilities that you face and exchange ideas with them?


Come and experience dynamic conversation between other missions-minded leaders around missions topics that matter to you—in Ghana, West Africa.


We desire to connect you with other leaders within a focused environment and at the location of an exemplary ministry, FBMI Team Ghana.


We had 55 delegates participate in the 2018 Missions Mastermind, and we are basing this 2019 Mastermind off many of their recommendations.


We are inviting missionaries, pastors, and missions-minded business professionals. The conversations that will take place can lead to pivotal advances in many of our ministries and missions endeavors. See what those who participated last year have to say about it in the video below.


What Is a Missions Mastermind?

1)  It is a time dedicated for round-table, creative thinking and discussion about missions with those who are doing it.


2)  It is a place to connect with others for future collaboration on missions endeavors.


3)  It is an investment to work on your ministry and not just in it by leveraging the knowledge and experience of others who are working to accomplish similar goals.


4)  It is a retreat to pray, plan, and meditate about how Christ will use you to further His kingdom around the world.

P.S. Watch this 45-second story for an example of the kind of connections and results we expect from this event:

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