Brian George Prayer Letter: Praise the Lord! $40,000 Given for the Property Need!

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We are super excited about the property purchase behind the Bethel Baptist Church in Tucuman, Argentina. In our last newsletter, I mentioned the need for $40,000 to purchase this property so we can expand our auditorium and expand our Bible [...]


Chris Williams Prayer Letter: God Works Through Our Trials

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Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. This has been an interesting stretch of time for us. It has been evident to us that many of you have been praying for us. God is always looking for ways to show off, and He sure had the chance at th [...]


Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: The Power of Prayer

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I sent out a text message to the members of our church and asked them to send me the names of their family members who were not saved so that I could pray with them for their salvation. Here are a few of the people that have been saved sinc [...]


Keith Hamilton Prayer Letter: Answers to Prayer and Ministry Blessings

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Answers to Prayer and Ministry Blessings Winters in Ireland are very dark, with rain and just a few hours of sunlight. When it reaches its darkest moment, you know things are going to begin to get brighter. From that point, each passing day [...]


Jerry Wyatt Jr. Prayer Letter: HIS GRACE! HIS GLORY!

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PRAISE GOD! And thank you so much to those of you who have prayed with us for the scheduling of meetings. God’s miraculous grace has once again been evident in so many ways. We arrived in the States on December 31, with no meetings schedule [...]


Weekly Missions Prayer Summary

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This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.   Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer [...]

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Dave Solt Prayer Letter: It Happened!

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Happy 2017! I love the reminder of a new year! It tells me how good God is and that He is merciful and gracious—and He is! This morning I was reading Psalm 103 and was reminded of His goodness. If God doesn’t do anything else for us in life [...]

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Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Back in Tanzania

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We made it back to sunny Tanzania. We arrived on January 25. It was great to be back, but we thoroughly enjoyed our time in the States. We traveled to over 27 churches and put over 14,000 miles on our car but made life-impacting memories. W [...]

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Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Back to Work!

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Family Update I thank the Lord that we have good news regarding Lindsey’s health! In December Lindsey had an ultrasound scan, which showed that she does not have gallstones (this had been a big concern for us)! In January she also went to s [...]

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