Justin Williams Prayer Letter: Friend Day

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As we look over the past two months, God has moved and worked in such a wonderful way here in Skelmersdale. We began the month of May with some intensive canvassing and soul winning for Friend Day, which we held on May 14. People worked har [...]


Keith Hamilton Prayer Letter: A New Home and New Visitors

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A New Home and New Visitors First, I want to begin this letter with my sincere apologies for taking too long to write. It suddenly came to my attention a couple weeks ago. Prayer letters have always been a priority to me, but these past few [...]


Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter: Our 12th Anniversary!

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We thank God for the wonderful privilege of serving Him and for His abundant blessings on our efforts. May and June were productive months. Praise the Lord for 2,253 souls professing faith in Jesus Christ! We had 449 saved, and a family has [...]


Gregg Schoof Prayer Letter: Financial Emergency!

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We suddenly have a financial emergency at the radio. We had some natural medicine healers advertising on our radio, but unfortunately in June, the Minister of Health decided to shut them all down. She actually had no authority to do so, but [...]


Shari House Prayer Letter: Chinese Noodle Factory Ladies’ Bible Study

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Ministry of Education Review The missionaries on our team obtain their work visas and work permits through our English language school, and we praise the Lord for another successful review from the Ministry of Education. Reports must be fil [...]


Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: A Summer of Miracles!

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Summer of Miracles! For my family and Team Eurasia, this is truly shaping up to be a summer of miracles. We’ve seen so many answers to prayer, and some of them have been truly amazing. One answer to prayer should result in some financial br [...]


Osmin Gutierrez Prayer Letter: A Lot Going on in Our Ministry

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We have had a lot going on in our ministry since our last prayer letter (I have included pictures). The last week of May, we celebrated our 16th anniversary. My good friend, Pastor Danny Motta, from North Carolina came to preach for us. We [...]


Brian Hebert Prayer Letter: Twists, Turns, and Blessings

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Thank you so much for sticking with us during these many months of deputation travels.  It hasn’t been an easy road by any standard, but it has been a blessed one for sure.  I have much to write about June; many of the blessings that I will [...]


Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: The Prayer of Faith

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Wendy is a young teenage girl who was reached through our Bus Ministry. After she started coming for a short time, she brought her mom to church with her. Wendy’s mom Sandra asked me if I could talk to her husband about salvation because he [...]