Team Thailand Update: Snapshots of Our National Pastors

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It is an incredible challenge and blessing to continue serving our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Each year brings new opportunities and blessings. One of our greatest joys is to serve together with the natio [...]


Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter: New Church Plant

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We praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy these last two months. Pastor Orlando and his wife Hannah are graduates of our Bible college. They have the second church, Pines Park Baptist Church, that we started about 11 years ago. A few mo [...]


Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter: Backup Plan for Serving Haitians

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I have had some difficulty finalizing our summer plans. The chaos in Haiti has not abated this year. Kidnappings and other crimes against humanity have increased over 2021. During our weekly soul winning, Theresa and I continue to witness i [...]


Roberto and Angela Tirado Prayer Letter: A Place to Live Where Will Be Planting a Church

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PRAISE “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul: but it is abomination to fools to depart from evil.” (Proverbs 13:19) We praise our Lord that He has led us to a rental house in the town of Hatillo on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico [...]


Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: It’s Time to Buy an Airplane!

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* * *TENGA EN CUENTA: La carta en español sigue a su carta en inglés. Gracias. * * * During the last two months, we have been to Nebraska and to both Northern and Southern Texas. We have presented to both new churches and supporting churche [...]


Brendan and Karin Morgan Prayer Letter: In the Wild

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What a busy month we have had! During this past month, we have traveled well over 5,000 miles! After Easter, we left Indiana and headed to Montana. We had one meeting at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Missoula and a Missions Conference in Gre [...]


Corey and Elizabeth McDonald Prayer Letter: Abundant Blessings in the Ministry

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God has been blessing the ministry abundantly the last few months. So often we labor and don’t see the direct fruit. Since we started the church 20 months ago, we have handed out more than 10,000 Gospel tracts. This April, over a 3-week per [...]


Wes and Cynthia Palla Prayer Letter: Helping the Home During Family Month

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We are privileged to share encouraging news with you from Salvador, Brazil. God has continued to bless, and we are grateful to share some snippets of what has been going on here in the northeast of Brazil. One of our young men, Thiago, has [...]


Dave and Mary Beth Solt Prayer Letter: God Is Faithful!

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God Is Faithful! What blessings we have had recently! We have had 29 salvations so far this year, and 5 men were baptized at our anniversary service in mid-March. Members are coming back to church services, more are visiting, and we are see [...]


Elias and Robyn Correa Prayer Letter: Miles 4 Missions Fundraising Event!

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Praise the Lord! It’s that time again—Our Miles 4 Missions Fundraising Event! If you remember back in 2019, my wife Robyn and I committed to riding our bicycles across the entire state of Michigan to raise funds for missions. We had never d [...]

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