Daniel and Misty Wilder Prayer Letter: Going Vertical, Reaching New Heights

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Psalm 24:3 says, “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place?” Our theme for 2023 is “Going Vertical, Reaching New Heights.” This year we want to reach new heights in our walk with the Lord, numerically [...]


Charles and Melissa Newton Prayer Letter: Missions-Emphasis Month and Everywhere Sunday

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We have had an exciting past two months. In February, we had our Missions-Emphasis Month. We had several guest speakers teach our people the concept of Faith Promise missions. This took awhile, as the traditional view of missionaries here i [...]


Israel and Tonya Alvarez Prayer Letter: A Great Start to Our Furlough

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Greeting from Texas. Our furlough has started well. We left Belize on January 11 to begin traveling to churches. Our travels started in Indiana. We were blessed to be part of the Missions Conference at First Baptist Church, Hammond, Indiana [...]


Bob and Jacqueline Bowen Prayer Letter: 40th Container of Bibles to Southeast Asia

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The new year began on a sad note for many of us. Jim Withers, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Gladewater, Texas, went home to be with the Lord after suffering a massive heart attack. Pastor Withers was a true friend of ours and a friend t [...]


Paul and Jolie Sock Prayer Letter: Heavy Hearts and Many Tears

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On Christmas Sunday, we had many visitors attend our service, and all of the chairs were filled. Our brother from India brought three men with him. I invited many people, and a man from Minsk Mazowiecki, where we live, came and brought a la [...]


Ian and Czarinna Vincent Prayer Letter: On the Field!

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This past December, I got the privilege to assist in a drive-through presentation of Jesus’ birth and a nativity scene at my parents’ church in Kentucky. It was a unique presentation, in that, there were eight different scenes depicting the [...]


Mark and Kim Palmani Prayer Letter: 18-Year Anniversary Service

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We praise the Lord for the month of January, as we celebrate another new year. In the first week of January, we started announcing and preparing for our 18-year church anniversary service. The church was excited about bringing first-time vi [...]


Go and Danielle Oishi Prayer Letter: Preaching the 57th Anniversary of the Senri Newtown Baptist Church

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Praise the Lord! Opportunities to preach the Gospel have only increased leading up to our final days in Osaka, the place where God has allowed us to begin our first chapter in Japan. February 5 was the 57th Anniversary Missions Day services [...]


Gregg and Angela Schoof Special Prayer Letter: Radio Station in Burundi

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Plans are moving along well to have a Christian radio station in Burundi. I have been supporting my assistant pastor Rama for almost a year now to be there. He has been the one to get paperwork done and push everything along down there. I h [...]


Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter: Our New Field

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After arriving in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas, in January, we immediately started Sunday services with a 9:00 a.m. meeting in English and a 10:30 a.m. meeting in Haitian Creole. Then at 5:00 p.m., we have a combined Creole-English service [...]

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