Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: Confirmation of Our Field

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Praise the Lord for the wonderful month we have been blessed with! We began this month by going to the opening home football games for both Michigan State University and Albion College to pass out the Word of God to those going into the gam [...]


Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: Thankful for Being Rescued

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Family Thank you for all your prayers and support, especially during these last few weeks. Annabelle has been doing well, but she was losing weight, and we couldn’t figure out why. We took her to the doctor, and she had to have a minor surg [...]


Tim Simmons Prayer Letter: Looking Forward to a Productive Fall

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Thank you for your continued prayers for our family! We are blessed with so many folks praying for us. Our life changed dramatically in September, as I left my secular job to focus full-time on deputation. I’m excited about our future as we [...]


Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter: A Joy to Serve Christ!

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What a joy it is to serve Christ! These past two months have been challenging, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Seeing God demonstrate His grace is worth any challenge or difficulty. When there is not much time for phone calls, pastors have b [...]


Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Cannot Wait to Return!

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Praise the Lord! In the previous report, we left off with updates from the first week of our survey trip to Japan. We are thrilled to tell you about all that God did during our second and final week, as well as the rest of our very busy mon [...]


Go Oishi Prayer Letter: Can’t Wait to Arrive

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Glory to God! The longer we are on deputation, the more thankful we are for your prayer and financial support. There have been many instances where it was obvious that God was moving in miraculous ways, thanks to an army of co-laborers inte [...]


Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: Fruit to Your Account

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As we report to you over the last couple of months, it is with a deep sense of gratitude and praise for thousands of miles of safe travel and many opportunities to share the Gospel while on deputation. It is our joy to represent you as one [...]


Jon and Brittany Beil Prayer Letter: Over Halfway There!

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My wife and I want to thank you all for your continued prayer and support. We realize that if it weren’t for the sacrifices you all make, we would not be able to share the Gospel in Thailand. The first Sunday of September marks one year sin [...]


Fisa Mihy-mihyndu Prayer Letter: God Is Opening Doors

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It is written, "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." (Philippians 4:17) Thank you for praying and financially supporting my ministry. God performed even greater things this month. I rejoiced grea [...]


Garry Tingson Prayer Letter: Only God Could Have Orchestrated This!

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In July, we got to see many old friends at the FBMI Missions University and the annual First Baptist Church Youth Conference. We also met new friends, and I was encouraged to see more new missionaries this year, one of whom was Go Oishi, wh [...]

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