Brian Hebert Prayer Letter: Our God Is Still Working!

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We are so thankful to the Lord for all that He did for us in the month of May. He protected us, provided for us, and prospered us. We began the month continuing our home stint in North Carolina. It was a great treat to be able to go back to [...]


Chris Williams Prayer Letter: A Little Bit of God’s Love

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We want you to know that we are keeping you in our prayers and pray that God will bless you as you continue to live for Him. We appreciate your prayers and want you to know it is not one-sided. If you have any specific prayer needs, please [...]


Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Covering the Far West to Eventually Cover the Far East

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COVERING THE FAR WEST TO EVENTUALLY COVER THE FAR EAST Many blessings to you from our family! The Lord gave us fantastic meetings in May, starting in the Los Angeles area and ending up in Northern California. Throughout the month we were in [...]


Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: Confirmation of God’s Calling

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if every time we were faced with a decision, we would have a divine teleprompter across the sky instructing us? Well, I am continuing to be reinforced that I’ve got something just as good in His Word and in the “still [...]


Andy Richey Prayer Letter: The Latest Comings and Goings of the Richeys

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The most common request I get in Kenya is for a Bible. KJV Bibles have been challenging to get there. Not many Bibles are available, and they cost more than the Kenyans can afford. When we go, we take as many as we can in our luggage to giv [...]


Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: Good, Better, Go!

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As we were walking to the next house, we heard a very strange noise, but when we arrived at the house, there was just a man in his hoodie sitting there. Is this man in his right mind? Is everything okay? What is going on here? Who says that [...]


Brian Hebert Prayer Letter: New Converts, New Supporters, New York

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"Who will bring me into the strong city? who will lead me into Edom? Wilt not thou, O God . . . .” (Psalm 60:9-10) Mrs. Hudson Taylor, while awaiting news from her husband regarding a place for their Chinese mission team to stay, calmed the [...]


Mike Morrissey Prayer Letter: Home Is Just Around the Corner!

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“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.” That verse is a perfect description of how we’ve felt over the last two months since our last letter. God has blessed us in so many ways and on [...]


Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Giving the Gospel to Many in the West

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GIVING THE GOSPEL TO MANY IN THE WEST We hope this letter finds you joyous in the Lord as you serve Him. We praise God for the work He is doing with our family as we continue our deputation in the West. Through 15 months, our support is at [...]


Dennis Lagos Prayer Letter: The “Be Cool” Update

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Jehovah-Jireh (“the Lord will provide”). The same God Who led and provided for Abraham is the same God we love and serve today. We are excited to report how God has provided in preparation for our return to the Philippines! We specifically [...]