Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter:  God Commands All Believers to Go Soul Winning!Family

The Wrightson family is doing well. There was some concern with baby Annabelle not gaining weight; but we were able to get that all figured out, and she is now gaining like a champ! Praise the Lord for that. Daniel had to have two ingrown toenails removed, and Kayla had to have some major work done on her teeth; but other than that, we are all in good health.

Soul Winning

The command to ALL believers is to share God’s love with the world. Unfortunately, many people, and even churches, are failing to do this very basic command. We were out soul winning recently, and several people told us the church they attended and even their pastor’s name, but they had no understanding of the Gospel, nor were they interested in hearing it. Unfortunately, God is nothing more than a lucky rabbit’s foot to many people today. Please pray that God will use us to help many more folks break through this lie and realize that God wants to be much more than our good-luck charm. I thank God that I found out 23 years ago that God wanted to be my Saviour, my Friend, and my Provider—so much more than a lucky rabbit’s foot. Thank God for the person who shared that great love with you!


We have had some great meetings this month. We traveled to the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, where my wife was privileged to speak at a Mother-Daughter Banquet. We had a very relaxing and enjoyable time there in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. I was excited then to be able to present our ministry and preach on Memorial Day weekend in Tennessee. One of our former Coastline families attends there, and we were able to spend a few days with them. It always means so much when we get to see former members still serving the Lord in their new location.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

● Pray that we will learn Spanish.
● Pray for the people of Puerto Rico.
● Pray for new tires for our van.


Jon R. Wrightson