Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  More Tremors From MexicoIn my last prayer letter, I mentioned an amazing soul-winning experience of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurring immediately after I led a lady to accept Christ. The spiritual tremors of God’s moving and directing continue to be felt. Many exciting things are happening, and I know it’s because God’s people are praying.

April and May have seen the Lord give some clear direction for the future. I had a good talk with Dr. Luis Ramos in April. We talked about three different possibilities with regard to new church plants, and the Lord is leading me to help get a new church started in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico. It is a large city with a population of over 800,000, but there are only two fundamental, independent Baptist churches.

I will be helping a young man who has just graduated from the Bible college here. He is married and has an eight-year-old daughter. He is very organized and well prepared for the work God has called him to do. We will be making a survey trip June 5–12 to find a place for the church and for his family. I also hope to enlist the help of another church in Chihuahua to get the new church started.

The opening service is scheduled for August 5. We hope to invite many thousands of people before the first service. Evangelist Carlos Chacon is also planning to come the week before to help us do some Bible Clubs. It is a very effective method for starting churches here in Mexico. I plan to spend a good part of 2019 in Chihuahua. Evangelist Steve Brockman will also be a part of the start-up.

Another “earthshaking” development is that while I was in Guadalajara for two weeks in April and May, the Lord used me to help a new church get into a building. They had been meeting in a public park. We had a special Sunday service with several visitors and decisions for Christ. I will visit this church again in July with Evangelist Steve Brockman.

Prayer Requests

1. The church plant in Chihuahua and the first service on August 5—please pray for the pastor, for a place to meet, and for many others to get excited and help.
2. Pray for additional financial support for the first year of the church in Chihuahua.
3. I am excited to have Evangelist Steve Brockman join me again as we visit churches for preaching and big days for four weeks in June and July. Please pray for many souls to be saved!
4. Please pray for my fall furlough from September to mid-December; pray for opportunities to present in new churches, as well as report to supporting churches. The need for additional support is critical.

Gratefully yours for souls,

Chris Sage