Xavier Lopez Prayer Letter:  New Seminary, Answered Prayer, Souls Saved and Baptized!In the month of March, we started our seminary with 6 students. Our schedule of classes is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. We also have more recruits that are planning to begin studying in our seminary at the end of the year. Please pray that God would continue to call more people from our ministries into full-time Christian service in order to prepare more people to plant new churches and help preach the Gospel around the world.

Above are pictures of some of our baptisms during the months of March and April. It is an absolute joy and a great privilege to participate in helping others obey God and fulfill His will for their lives!

The picture below was taken in the month of April when we moved our service outside, where we would like to build a tabernacle. On a normal Sunday, we had an attendance of 188; but the sun was unbearable, so we have continued to split up into different preaching services on Sunday mornings in order to accommodate our crowd. Please pray that God would provide the funds in order to build a tabernacle, which would give us more room for Sunday school classes and a larger auditorium to fill.

I like to get someone saved before I preach, so usually before each service, you will find me searching for people to talk to near the church. God always gives me someone! On this particular night, we were running late. The service starts at 7:30 p.m., and we arrived at 7:10 p.m. I helped Rebecca get our girls into the church and then continued begging God for a soul as I walked outside. To my surprise, one of our faithful ladies came running up to me with her visitor! She readily introduced her friend to me, and I had the wonderful opportunity to introduce her visitor to my loving Saviour before the service!

July 9-13, we are going to have our annual Teen Camp. Please fast and pray with me for this event as we prepare for the best Teen Camp we have ever had! We will be traveling together to Sorata, Bolivia, where they have ancient caves to explore, majestic mountainous trails to hike, and trees populated with wild colorful parrots to view. Most importantly, we are praying for powerful preaching and life-changing decisions. Please pray that God would call more servants into full-time Christian service and that all decisions afterwards would be fulfilled for the glory of God!

Thank you for faithfully supporting and praying for our family and ministry through the years. God has showed Himself faithful to answer your prayers, provide for our needs, and use our family for His glory. I am one more example that clearly teaches: If God can use me, God can use anyone. D. L. Moody heard, “The world has yet to see what God can do through a man who is totally yielded to Him.” Moody responded, “By the grace of God, I will be that man!” Would you consider praying that God might call you to be a missionary to Bolivia to help reach a lost and dying civilization with the greatest gift of salvation and the miraculous life-changing love of God? Would you also pray extra for our family and ministry? Please pray for our health and protection and that God would use us to consistently train consecrated, powerful servants of God to plant churches and preach the Gospel around the world.

Xavier Lopez