Daniel and Rachel Solt Prayer Letter: Grateful for Salvation, Direction, Provision, and Care

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Thanks be to God for His salvation, direction, provision, and care! The month kicked off in Parkersburg, West Virginia, at Landmark Baptist Church’s Missions Conference! We were blessed by their desire to befriend us, and sweet memories wer [...]


Dan and Lana Siemer Prayer Letter: Thankful to Labor With You for God’s Cause

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Thank you for your heart to reach the world with the Gospel as you pray, give, and go. We’re thankful to labor with you for God’s cause as we strive to be as productive as possible where He’s placed us. Thank you for your prayers and financ [...]


Matt and Katie Belle Bosje Prayer Letter: Full Schedule of Meetings

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Thank you for your prayers! God has been so good to us over these past two months. We had a full schedule of meetings in September and October! We love Missions Conference season! God allowed us to be a part of 4 Missions Conferences, as we [...]


Daniel and Erin Lang Prayer Letter: The Unchanging God in These Ever-Changing Times

By |2023-11-14T15:29:15-06:00November 14th, 2023|Categories: Daniel Lang Family, Prayer Letters|Tags: , |

We are grateful to be able to serve God in these ever-changing times! Throughout history, times have changed, but many things remain constant. God is good, people are inherently sinful, God wants sinners to be saved, and He has commissione [...]


Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Exciting Times for Our Family!

By |2023-11-07T10:43:59-06:00November 9th, 2023|Categories: Missionary #6013, Prayer Letters|Tags: , |

These are exciting times for the S___ family. We are drawing closer to leaving for the field, and my wife and I are praising God through the busyness. We will hit full support soon and have been able to be a part of some great meetings and [...]


Chris and Viry Sage Prayer Letter: Starting a Church in a Very Remote Area

By |2023-11-13T18:41:44-06:00November 8th, 2023|Categories: Chris Sage Family, Prayer Letters|Tags: , , |

* * *TENGA EN CUENTA: La carta en español sigue a su carta en inglés. Gracias. * * * Thank you for the generous and faithful support that has made this church-planting ministry in Mexico possible. We are working in a rural area in the state [...]


Christoper and Amy Yetzer Prayer Letter: Typical Responses to Soul Winning in Milan

By |2023-10-24T07:51:10-05:00October 24th, 2023|Categories: Christopher Yetzer Family, Prayer Letters|Tags: , |

The warm weather lingered a bit longer this fall, but we are grateful, since the expenses of heating have been high for all Italians and most of Europe. We have had a few more visitors and contacts than normal. A young Brazilian college stu [...]


Mike and Maria Sarver Prayer Letter: Thanking God for 15 Years in Ghana!

By |2023-10-16T18:29:32-05:00October 17th, 2023|Categories: Mike Sarver Family, Prayer Letters|Tags: , , |

As of September 25, our family has been serving in Ghana for 15 years. We thank God for His faithfulness, and we thank you for yours! What a blessing it has been to serve the Lord alongside the Speer family and our other fellow missionaries [...]


Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter: Vacation Bible School

By |2023-10-11T18:28:03-05:00October 15th, 2023|Categories: Keith and Theresa Baker, Prayer Letters|Tags: , |

“Grace to you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Philemon 1:3) I am still wearing a compression boot on my right foot, but I seem to be heading in the right direction. Originally, an x-ray revealed a hairline fract [...]


Daniel and Rachel Solt Prayer Letter: Celebrating Our First Year of Full-Time Ministry!

By |2023-10-11T18:11:01-05:00October 14th, 2023|Categories: Daniel Solt Family, Prayer Letters|Tags: , |

When you think life could not get any busier . . . think again! The Lord gave us a very busy September, and we are so thankful for the plentiful opportunities to meet wonderful Christians across the nation. Praise the Lord for His goodness! [...]

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