Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: Christian School

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We are in the second month of our school year. This year we have 25 children studying in our Christian school. Several of these kids are from our bus routes, while others are from faithful families that have attended our church for years. M [...]


Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Steady Attendance

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The work of the Lord continues with blessings and trials. We know all things work together for good (Romans 8:28); and, like Job, we praise Him. Many of you sent emails of encouragement this month, and boy were they on time. Thank you for b [...]


Randy Shook Prayer Letter: The Greatest Power in the Universe

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I know you love souls, and you give and pray for souls around the world. Thank you for loving us and souls here in Thailand. God’s hand is upon our services and our soul winning. It was my privilege to preach the Wednesday evening service o [...]


Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: We Serve an AMAZING God!

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January 31 marked a year since we moved to Ghana, and it’s been an incredible year. I want to take a minute to brag on God. He has done some amazing things. With each person, with each story, we have seen the hand of God working to accompli [...]


Dave Whitmore Prayer Letter: The BLESSINGS of Teamwork

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Ten years ago our God allowed me to spend 10 days in Ghana, West Africa, working with and observing Team Ghana. From that point on, Dawn and I prayed about the day we could serve our Saviour together with other families with the same vision [...]


Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Making a Difference

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Thank you for your prayers and support! In this letter I want to give you a review of some of the blessings we experienced in our Sunday school class in 2017. This is fruit to your account! Difference Makers’ Sunday School Class The year 20 [...]


Corey McDonald Prayer Letter: Our Life

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Corey is our eldest son, and he is 8½. He is in fourth grade and enjoys history and science. On December 18, our Annabelle turned 6. She is in second grade and always keeps us on our toes. Marydia turned 4 on February 6! She is in kindergar [...]


Christopher Yetzer Prayer Letter: The Usefulness of the Internet

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While the ending of one year and the beginning of another provides a great opportunity to analyze one’s efforts and accomplishments, we find it useful to do such evaluating more than just once a year. As we near the six-year anniversary of [...]


Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: New Church Plant

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We greet you with much joy in the Lord and much enthusiasm for all that He is doing and is going to do. He has already blessed this year's work and is adding more work. Below is a picture of a group of seminary graduates who don't have a fu [...]


Gregg Schoof Prayer Letter: Soul-Winning Driving Lesson

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These two months we were happy to be able to get a lot of work done. We finally were able to get most of the titles to our property. For one title, I ended up going to the prison six times to get signatures from the previous owner. So we no [...]

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