Walter Poole Prayer Letter: We Are Planting the Word of God . . . in the Rainy Season

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Greetings to all of you from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is the rainy season, when farmers start planting the rice fields. We also are planting—the Word of God. By God’s grace, we have been reaping as well, and that is fruit to your account. [...]


Chris Sage Prayer Letter: More Tremors From Mexico

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In my last prayer letter, I mentioned an amazing soul-winning experience of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurring immediately after I led a lady to accept Christ. The spiritual tremors of God's moving and directing continue to be felt. Many [...]


Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter: Possible New Mission Church

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During the month of April, our family stayed busy winning souls, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday school, preaching (me only), and taking part in other activities in the church. My birthday is in the month of April! I turned 49 years y [...]


Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: We Are on the Air!

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WE ARE ON THE AIR! At the end of April, Voice of Life radio went live on the air here in Tanzania for the very first time. We are so thankful to Bro. Gene Sharp, Bro. Eric Damron, and Stewart Hoffmeister for coming to help us with the final [...]


Courtney Godsoe Prayer Letter: New Church Plants!

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Pastor Dean Noonan and his church are willing to match, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 for donations received by May 31 to help us build our church building. We have raised $20,000 and estimate that we could build the building with anothe [...]


Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Pressing Forward!

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  Another month has passed in the work of the Lord, and much has been accomplished. We are very grateful for all your prayers and financial support. We're on the same team and in the same family. Call it what you wish—it works! I'm inc [...]


Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: Earthquake Tremors From Mexico

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February and March have been two of the best months of my life! I am sure this is much because of your prayers. Let me tell you about them! The Lord has given me the privilege of traveling with a team from the church pastored by Dr. Luis Ra [...]


TAN Update: New Churches Started by TAN Students

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PRAISES • Due to God’s wonderful working through Charlie Vest these past three years, the Teaching All Nations program continues to expand in the Philippines. • The TAN curriculum encourages students “to go to the next towns” to start a sou [...]


Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Yes, It Is Worth It!

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We are always praying for you, and we thank you for praying for us. Prayer works! We continue every day by His power, and we know your prayers help in a mighty way. Your financial support helps keep us here, and your prayer helps keep us go [...]


Mark Holmes Prayer Letter: New Venues for Churches and Conferences

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At the beginning of January, we started a new semester of Providence Baptist College & Seminary with 17 students, 2 of them new. Our Saturday-only Temple Baptist Institute classes also resumed with 16 students after a holiday break. On [...]

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