Team Ghana Update: Isaac and Faustina's StoryFor the next several months, we would like to share with you some testimonies of those reached by our church since its founding over ten years ago in November 2006. We begin with Isaac and Faustina Gyansah. Isaac is our construction manager. Currently he is overseeing the construction of a new building for the expansion of our Christian school. Several buildings for our church plants are also in progress. He also teaches an adult Sunday school class and runs one of our church bus routes. His wife Faustina teaches the Learning-to-Read class in our academy.

Isaac’s Story

I started attending this church in 2008. One Sunday, I was looking for a church to attend, and a friend told me about Fundamental Baptist Church, which was meeting at the Rivoli Building in Bantama. That first Sunday, Thomas Asare Broni explained the Gospel to me, but I did not understand it completely. I had been trusting my good works to get me to Heaven. I returned the next week, and the same soul winner gave me the answers to my questions. That Sunday, March 9, 2008, I got saved! I like the fact that this ministry knows and preaches the truth about salvation by grace through faith.

That soul winner, Thomas Asare Broni, also graduated from our Bible college, and he now pastors Cornerstone Baptist Church in Foase, Ghana.

Faustina’s Story

In 2007, Faustina’s father, Collins Agyei, was introduced to our ministry. He shared with her what he had learned about salvation being by grace through faith in Christ. She got saved and started attending our church. (Brother Collins now pastors the Fundamental Baptist Church of Adwafo.)

Their Story

Isaac tells how he met Faustina:  A friend of mine introduced her to me one Sunday morning after church. Eventually, I asked her for a date. Our first date was to our church’s Valentine Banquet. Our second date was not until the Valentine Banquet a year later! After dating for five years, we were married on April 2, 2016. God has now blessed our family with a baby girl, Kezia Gyansah Boateng.

One day Isaac hopes to be used of God to start a church. Please pray for this fine family, and pray that God would allow our ministry to reach many more like Isaac and Faustina.

Team Family Update

This month’s team missionary update is from the Hall family. Please take time to read their prayer letter this month. Every family on our team would appreciate your prayers.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader