Brian George Prayer Letter: Soul-Winning Visits and Bible College Goals!

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Praise the Lord! We’ve had many exciting soul-winning experiences lately! While out soul winning, we visited a family just a few blocks from the church. This was a Roman Catholic family with a son who terrorized the neighborhood by stealing [...]


Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: We’ve Been All Over the Place This Month!

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Family The Wrightson family is doing great. Little Annabelle is growing so fast; thank you again for praying for her and Misty. God has been so good to us. Trying to keep the kids caught up on school has been challenging during travel, but [...]


Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Five-Year License for Our Radio Station!

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Dumila Church We are excited about the start of construction on the church building out in the village of Dumila. We took some staff men out to help some men from the church with the beginning stages of the building. We have started with th [...]


Montana Morrow Prayer Letter: A New Year With New Blessings!

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What’s New? January was our last month on the field, as the Wyatt family returned from their furlough. We praise and thank God for the opportunity we had to be a blessing and assist in the ministries of Faith Baptist Church during the seven [...]


Dave Whitmore Prayer Letter: Seeking to Fulfill the Great Commission by Not Giving Up on People!

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During the last six months of 2018, our church raised some money to put a new but simple roof on Maria’s home, because when it rained, the house would flood. She, along with her four grandchildren, has been with us since our first service. [...]


Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: A Missed Uber Connection Leads to a Saved Soul!

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We opened up the month of February with Ali and me having some time together at a Marriage Conference—with no kids, Amen! We had a wonderful time together and were encouraged very much in our marriage from the Word of God. We have had many [...]


Charles Newton Prayer Letter: I Understand Now!

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We are officially back on the road full-time. We had taken some time off for Melissa to recover and for us to adjust to having our second son. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do. We have the next four months entirely booked. [...]


Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter: New Christians and a New Christiansen!

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We are excited to announce that Ezekiel John Christiansen was born on February 3, 2019. He was a week and a half past due, but when he decided to come, he didn’t waste any time! He was born only half an hour after Abbie’s contractions becam [...]


Osmin Gutierrez Prayer Letter: Our Building Is Almost Finished!

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I pray this letter finds you well. Things are going well here in Honduras. We are almost finished with our building. We polished and painted the walls, put up the electrical wiring, and are putting in the doors right now. We just need to pu [...]


Mike Morrissey Prayer Letter: A Mouthful of Crackers

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Greetings from steamy Dapitan City! As many of you in the North are wishing for some of that good old-fashioned global warming, we here in the Philippines are “enjoying” an early start to hot season, courtesy of El Niño. 😊 Always a blessing [...]

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