Tim and Missy Shook Prayer Letter: Soul-Winning and Salvation Stories

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Soul-Winning & Salvation Stories March and April are the regular months of summer break for all of the Thai schools. This gives us an opportunity to have special outreach programs and extra activities for our church members. We started [...]


Jeremy and Sandra Barker Prayer Letter: Pressing On!

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I am pleased to announce that after 11 months of deputation, we have 51% of our needed support coming in. At the rate God has been giving us support, our goal is to be in Nigeria for the 30th Anniversary of Port Harcourt Independent Baptist [...]


Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: We Give God the Glory for Them All!

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The work continues! Here are more testimonies from several of our national pastors. Pastor Otchere Boachie “Brother Emmanuel is one of our faithful members in our church. He invited me and my wife to witness to his grandmother, who has not [...]


Phil and Tanya Powless Prayer Letter: So Much the More in 2024!

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Greetings to you all! The writing of this newsletter finds us in Wisconsin, where we have spent a few days with our daughter and her husband in the birth of our grandson! Broen Wade Hunter was born to Savannah and Aidan on March 6, 2024! We [...]


Dan and Deb Rothwell Prayer Letter: The Fishing Hole

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Hafa Adai from the beautiful island of Guam, the land of endless summer. This time of year here in Guam is my favorite. The temperature drops to the low 70s in the late evenings and early mornings, the fuchsia colors of the bougainvillea ar [...]


Jeremy and Sandra Barker Prayer Letter: Where Honor Is Due!

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God has been tremendously good to us by giving us 9 new supporting churches sending monthly support in the month of February. In addition to God, I have to give honor to Sandra, without whom I could not have done any of this. As of the end [...]


Kounaro and Chorvy Keo Prayer Letter: Greatest Joy of Any Missionary

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“The LORD that made heaven and earth bless thee out of Zion.” (Psalm 134:3) Greetings from Cambodia. The greatest joy for any missionary is that the Lord gives us opportunities to lead someone to the Lord. These past two months, I have had [...]


Dave and Dawn Whitmore Prayer Letter: More Blessings from Brazil!

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Twenty years ago, on February 12, 2004, Dawn and I and our then six children moved to Brazil. Presently, Dawn and I, along with our 13-year-old son Zachary, continue serving our Saviour among the PEOPLE of Brazil! In God’s Word, we understa [...]


Micah and Abbie Christiansen Prayer Letter: The Bible Comes First!

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It is encouraging to watch seeds sown years ago bringing forth unexpected fruit. Back in 2019, I invited a woman named Gifty and her son Richmond to come to church. They both came and got saved, but they moved shortly afterward. Richmond ca [...]


Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: New Arrival!

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Thank you for the opportunity to represent you in Taiwan! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support, as well as the gifts, cards, and emails over the holidays and well wishes for our anniversary and birthdays! You all are so very kind [...]

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