Kounaro Keo Prayer Letter: Precious Couple Gets Saved!

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“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.” (Psalm 150:6) The rainy season has ended. We have been in Cambodia since 2003, but we have never witnessed as much rain as we have witnessed this year. There have been [...]


TAN Update: Happy Trails to You

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TO YOU . . . “GO YE . . . .” (Matthew 28:19) We are on the trail with our new motor home that the Lord gave us four weeks after selling our home in Crown Point, Indiana, and liquidating all our belongings. During this year we have traveled [...]


Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter: Children’s Day in Brazil

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Once again, we want to thank you for allowing us to serve here on the mission field! We appreciate your consideration, as it has been impossible for us to leave our two churches to take an overdue furlough. Our last and only furlough was in [...]


Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: A Muslim Young Man Trusts Christ

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Soul winning is always a major part of our work here in Ghana. This month, I wanted to share with you a few recent soul-winning experiences. No Time for the Gospel Joyce Owusu allowed me to share the Gospel with her. Her family has a kiosk [...]


Sam Marasco Prayer Letter: Almost There!

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Happy fall, y’all. We are about to head down South for a couple meetings and thought I’d work on my Southern English skills.  Over the last two months, we have been in Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, and the Midwest. We also went to Oahu to [...]


Jonathan Beil Prayer Letter: Here Am I; Send Me!

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Our theme verse for deputation has been Isaiah 6:8, “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” As we travel this great country and present in many different chur [...]


Walter Poole Prayer Letter: Your Participation Is Bearing Fruit!

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Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your participation in our ministry is bearing fruit! A lot has happened since the last letter. I will give an update in summary form. In August, we went to India for 15 days. I was busy, pre [...]


Team Ghana Update: TV Broadcast Producing Results

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Earlier this year, we launched a weekly television broadcast that is potentially reaching millions every month. As we reported in our April 2018 update, the name of our program is “Fundamental Hour,” and it is broadcast every Sunday morning [...]


Chad Inman Prayer Letter: The Lord Is Blessing Here

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Thank you for praying for us, our team, and our churches. As a missionary to Thailand, as I’m sure with many other countries, opposition can seem strong at times; however, having the Lord on our side can create a very positive, optimal pict [...]


Missionary #6009 Prayer Letter: In Our Absence . . .

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Greetings from N___, China! We hope and pray this letter finds all of you well and blessed! My wife and I had a great summer being back home in the States and visiting with our family! God even blessed us to be able to be present at the bir [...]

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