Tom Dinius Prayer Letter: WAIT on the Lord!

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“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” (Psalm 27:14) In this day and age of fast everything, sometimes we find it hard to wait. The Lord asked us to wait on Him. Since our last [...]


Chris Williams Prayer Letter: Fruit That Abounds

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In May, we were able to visit the southernmost portion of Texas. We had a great time at a conference and also visiting the other churches in the area. The people of the area were so open to the Gospel! We both were able to lead several peop [...]


Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter: Six-Year Anniversary of First Church Plant

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I was able to make a trip to the Philippines in the month of July. This was my fifth trip back over the past 11 months; it was my personal favorite, as Emily and Bethany were able to join me. The main purpose of the trip was to perform the [...]


Ben Turner Prayer Letter: PRAISE the Lord!

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The emphasis of our letter this month is going to be PRAISE! Since our last letter, we have seen many answers to prayer within our family and ministry. We pray that each of you reading this update will take time to praise the Lord, from Who [...]


Team Ghana Update: Da-Coster’s Story

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At the moment, my family and the Sarver family are in the States on furlough. Although our travels have taken us different places across the country, our paths will cross at Youth Conference and FBMI’s Candidate School at the First Baptist [...]


Chris Yetzer Prayer Letter: Adding and Edifying

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Part 1 Part of my testimony includes seeking out a church to attend in Columbus, Ohio, after having moved away from my hometown. Without being invited by anyone in the church, I started faithfully attending the closest Baptist church I coul [...]


Shari House Prayer Letter: Chinese Noodle Factory Ladies’ Bible Study

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Ministry of Education Review The missionaries on our team obtain their work visas and work permits through our English language school, and we praise the Lord for another successful review from the Ministry of Education. Reports must be fil [...]


Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: A Summer of Miracles!

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Summer of Miracles! For my family and Team Eurasia, this is truly shaping up to be a summer of miracles. We’ve seen so many answers to prayer, and some of them have been truly amazing. One answer to prayer should result in some financial br [...]


Stanley Lawrenson Prayer Letter: Let Us Go Again and Visit Our Brethren

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"And some days after Paul said unto Barnabas, Let us go again and visit our brethren . . . ."  (Acts 15:36) At this point, the Lawrenson men’s two-month vacation has come to an end. It was a joy to be able to visit friends and family States [...]


Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: In Turn . . .

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Psalm 109:17 is an amazing verse. We are to delight in God’s blessings, which means  we should notice them, value them, seek them, and put them to good use. In the context of the chapter . . . 1. The wicked man is blind to these blessings r [...]