Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  Souls, Discipleship, and More!Greetings from Ghana! Thank you for your continued support and prayers. A lot has happened since our last prayer letter. We want to apologize for those who have not been receiving our prayer letters via email. Hopefully, all the kinks have been worked out. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any problems. Thank you for your patience as we try to keep up with technology.

In March, we began having services for the Deaf. The Deaf here were thrilled to have services conducted solely in their language (well, for the most part, as we are still learning Ghanaian signs). We thank God for the new faces He brought through the doors. We have had 13 visitors since starting. We are thankful for increased attendance but even more thankful for the souls that have “heard” the Gospel and put their faith in Christ.

Throughout March and April, we were able to share the Gospel with several Deaf individuals. One Saturday, I had scheduled to meet with one of our faithful Deaf members to go out visiting. It just so happened, he had something else come up that morning and was not able to go. I went to a soccer field where many Deaf play on Saturdays. I really had no intention of going there because so many of the men are focused on soccer. When I arrived, I met a Deaf man named Richard. He was obviously upset. I learned that he had buried his father-in-law earlier in the week. He, being distraught, began signing, “No one can have eternal life. How can someone have eternal life?” He then turned to me and said, “Rocky, do you have eternal life?” What a divine appointment! I was able to share the Gospel with Richard, and he happily and eagerly placed his faith in Christ for salvation.

As you may remember, I asked prayer for a young man named Kwame Gyeabour. I want to ask that you continue to pray, as I have begun discipleship with him. He is hungry to learn how to share the Gospel and wants to know more of the Bible. I meet with him every Thursday during his lunch break to teach him. Two other men have expressed their desire to be discipled on a one-to-one basis. One of the greatest obstacles I face with discipleship is that some of the adult men have no reading skills, but we know God is able. Please pray with me as I teach these men.

In April, we began updating our church room. We ask your prayers as we prepare to have a Grand Opening service for Hope Baptist Church for the Deaf. We are in the process of creating tracts, signs, and fliers. Once the room updates and media are complete, we can secure a date for this service.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family