Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  June Was a Valley MonthWe pray that all is well as you serve Him daily. We hope your summer is fruitful in His service. June was a valley month for us here in Tucuman. We both started out the month with sinus infections. During this time I hurt my back and basically laid on a heating pad for 10 days. As I was starting to get around a little, my molar starting hurting. The tooth was cracked down to the gum line. After three trips to the dentist, it is repaired. They hate to pull a tooth here. The bright spot is it only cost $90.00 for three hour-long visits to the dentist. Both of us are now infection-free, and my back pain doesn’t keep me from serving.

We were able to lead 2 to saving faith in Christ. One was Cecilia. To our surprise, she told us that she was a bus kid at Betel many years ago. She didn’t get saved as a kid, but her heart was now prepared. She sweetly trusted Christ. We stood silently and prayed as 6 received Christ, and we gave 18 Bibles. At the end of the month, I taught a week in the seminary and preached at Betel.

Since the women who were living in the dorms graduated from the seminary last year, Susie has been praying about how to continue/expand her Titus Ministry. The bus kids are a very rowdy bunch, and the teachers do a great job working with them. As Susie helped the teachers, she decided to start encouraging them by having them over to the house for small, ladies-only fellowship and devotions. The ladies here in Tucuman really love Susie and can tell that she wants to be a blessing to them. Love knows no language barrier.

Your prayers were answered! We found a room for rent at a decent price in Ranchillos and had 31 in the first service. We had to take the kids outside for their class. NOW, please pray that we will have a pastor to shepherd these sheep so we can move on to another city that needs the Word of God. We will give him the privilege of naming the church. We are taking turns preaching. It’s good experience for the seminary students, so glory to God! Pray for our health and safety. Argentina is officially in a recession, so pray that the rent stays low.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson