Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Spring BlessingsA man came to my church and took a large load of literature. He was giving it out in another city in Poland. A top leader of the Union Baptist Churches here in Poland called me and asked me if I knew the man was giving out literature with my church’s name printed on it. He seemed to be jealous that a man was evangelizing “his” city, and he was doing little about it. During the phone conversation, I did not realize I was speaking with a top leader of the Union Baptist Churches of Poland; however, I encouraged the pastor to reach his people, give out literature to his people, and serve his people. Later I found out whom I had spoken to. Thank God, the work of God goes forward in Poland.

Peter, my Polish teammate and partner in the ministry, has been faithfully soul winning with me on the streets and in the parks here. Peter told me that the first few times of speaking with people in public were very hard for him. He would actually feel sick in his stomach. Since the first few nervous attempts, he has become much bolder. He now wants to speak with everyone we meet, rarely giving me a chance to talk; I must fight him for the opportunities.

In July we will pay our last payment on the building in Warsaw that we meet in for our services. God is allowing us to own a building in a Catholic country to use for His glory and for our church-planting ministry. For two years we have made double rent payments to the owner. She allowed us to pay for the property directly to her so we didn’t have any bank loan or interest payments. The whole ordeal is a real miracle. We plan to have a “Mortgage Burning Ceremony.”

Thank you for praying for Jolie’s health. She is doing well. We will continue to monitor her health needs in the coming months.

More than conquerors,

Paul & Jolie Sock