Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: In the VineyardThank you for praying for us and the ministry here in Argentina. We pray for you several times a week. With prayer, His Word, and His Spirit, how can we lose? Isn’t it amazing how He gives a verse right when we need it?!

In every neighborhood here, there are several small stores/shops—meat shops, fruit stores, bread stores, etc.—so the people can just walk to the stores to buy what they need for the day. You name it, they have it. Many of these stores are just a room at the front of a house. I mean—talk about an open door!! Lilianna was one such open door. Her heart was so open to hearing the true Gospel. I hope I never forget how attentive she was after I showed her that being a good neighbor would not get her to Heaven.

Lilianna was 1 of 27 people who received Christ as Saviour this past month. We prayed as our partner led 13 to Him, and we gave out 39 Bibles. We are happily giving out another 10,000 tracts for the year.

We always ask that you pray for our health and safety. Even if we don’t travel far, it is dangerous here because traffic laws seem to be
just mere suggestions to most drivers. There are horses and wagons on the road at night and motorcycles with no lights driving in the opposite direction. We appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson