Go Oishi Prayer Letter:  A Newly Chartered Church Partners With Us as Their Pioneer MissionariesAll praises to our Lord Jesus Christ! June was an extraordinary month for us, with many souls won to Christ and every church either voting to partner with us or scheduling to partner with us at a later date! Your prayers for God’s hand to be upon all that He allows us to do have been very evident, and we are thrilled to share with you however much will fit on this page!

Last month, we left off in the ministries of Marysville, Ohio. That following weekend, my wife and I had the privilege of going soul winning with that church, and we had the privilege of witnessing to a man named Sheldon. Sheldon remembered his father trusting Jesus as his Saviour weeks before going to Heaven five years prior; however, he had no recollection of getting saved himself. That same day, Sheldon got that fixed by accepting Christ’s free gift by grace through faith and is now looking forward to seeing his earthly and spiritual Father face to face! That following Sunday night, the church voted to take us on for monthly support! What a way to start off a month full of blessings!

On the following Wednesday, we had the privilege of presenting our ministry at a church that was planted by the church in Marysville, Ohio. They had chartered as an independent church just two months before we arrived, and the first thing on the mind of their pastor and congregation was the excitement of supporting their own missionary! Glory to God for churches that are excited about the Great Commission! We went soul winning with them, and a lady named Melissa ended up getting saved! On top of that, the newly chartered church there at Urbana, Ohio, voted to partner with us as their very first missionaries! This all happened just in the first week of June – and we are already running out of space!

Our next meeting took place in Streetsboro, Ohio. We had a tremendous time ministering and fellowshipping there with many of our friends from college who were actively serving at that church. To continue the blessings of this month, this church had told us that they were already planning to support us prior to our arrival – and that plan has been confirmed! The very same blessing happened two weeks later at Central Lake, Michigan. They also had our partnership in mind for months, and the Lord allowed us to partner with them financially that very same night! While out soul winning there at Central Lake, Michigan, we were able to lead a man named Ward to our Lord Jesus Christ!

This Father’s Day, we had the privilege of giving an update to our partner in Waterford, Michigan, where I grew up as a teenager. This was a special time, as my wife and I had the privilege of going soul winning with the person who first invited my family and me to church. While out soul winning, a man named Frank got saved and got baptized at the end of this month!

July will be a crucial month, as most decisions and delegates for the 2020 Japan Olympic Outreach will be finalized. Thank you for praying extra!

Your friends and co-laborers to Japan,

Go and Danielle Oishi