Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Another Glorious Month!Thank you for being so faithful in your prayers and financial support of the ministry here in Argentina. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, we know you have our back, so to speak. We are constantly praying for your spiritual, numerical, and financial growth. As we all grow in these areas, we can do more for Him. Time is short. Life is a vapor, but eternity lasts forever. We will not regret the labor.

What a glorious month! The new church in Taco Pozo has officially been named Iglesia Bautista Pena de Horeb. Pastor Torres and family are doing well and serving faithfully. As a church-warming gift, we presented Pastor Torres with cups and a tray for the Lord’s Supper. We hope to present him with a small pool to baptize in on the next trip.

We are preparing for the next missions conference at Betel in March. Susie has been asked to start a new group concerning the missionaries we support. She and three other ladies have put up a world map and are in the process of putting up pictures of all the missionaries, along with their personal information. They are collecting gifts and money to present to the three missionaries who will attend the conference.

We thank our Lord for opening up doors. One day while soul winning, we clapped (no door knocking here), as Jessica was sitting at an open window reading a Bible. I asked her if she was sure she was going to Heaven. I told her the Bible had the answer, and she intently listened as I presented saving faith only in the finished work of Christ. With a smile on her face, she said she believed the Gospel with all her heart. Three others received Christ this month. We stood praying as 4 received Christ, and we gave out 5 Bibles.

Once again we ask that you pray for our health and safety. We’ve started attending a Bible study with a former graduate of the seminary. He is praying about starting a new church and wants us to help. We are also praying about a new ministry that may help us grow the seminary. Please pray for His leading in this matter of the seminary.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson