This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


*March 1-3 Spanish Servants’ Conference
*March 19-22 Missions Conference

FBMI Staff

*Dan Siemer: Healing of his fractured vertebra
*Bro. Bosje: Safe return trip from New Zealand

Missionary #6703—India (currently in Jamaica)

*Directions for India
*Indian Ministry in Montego Bay
*Purchase of church property they are currently leasing
*Need construction of Sunday school classrooms
*Church bus/van
*More men in church

Baker, Keith & Theresa—Haiti (medical furlough)

*Recovery from his Feb 28 kidney-stone surgery in North Carolina

Correa, Elias & Robyn—Wings Bearing Precious Seed

*March trip to Honduras to help a missionary start a church
*Safe travels
*His upcoming meetings to present WBPS in churches
*$2,000 to ship Scriptures to the Philippines
*$1,900 to send 55,000 Bibles to Papua New Guinea
*Their three children

Donate, Carlos & Jaimie—Guatemala

*New ministries
+Rescue mission preaching service
+Senior citizens ministry
*Donations of the following for their medical outreach (nothing outdated, used meds, nor doctor-prescribed)
+Any homeopathic remedies
+Bach Flower remedies for emotional health (Rescue Remedy)
+Multivitamins and minerals in sealed, unopened jars
+Analgesic creams
+Epson salt
+Natural, herbal-based detox or total-body cleansing meds

Eckels, Chris & Yolanda—Australia

*A permanent building
*Australian government
*Church growth

F__— Egypt (IABM Ministry)

*Church in Egypt (membership of 700+ and 1,000+ children), working to reach 17 villages (64,000 people) +evangelistic campaigns in some of the most dangerous cities/villages where there’s terrorism and extremism
+church building needs repairs and enlargement
*F__ family and to fulfill his vision for his ministry
*Money for Bible college in one city with a branch college in another
*Egypt’s crucial economic crisis (so many poor and needy who need help)

Goodpaster, Nathan & Audrey—Philippines (medical furlough)

*Jonathan’s chemo treatments (praise: great blood count, no transfusions needed; next round to start on Friday)
*Nathan’s trip to the Philippines

Harris, John & Robin—Belize

*To receive work permits (applied February 22, 2017)

Kinyonga, Mshama & Martha—Tanzania

+Had 270 their first Sunday back on the field
+On deputation their financial needs were met for the following: new church building, bus, well, fence, electricity for the church, PA system, piano, and microphones
*New church building project that has just been started
*Would like people from U.S. to visit their ministry

Long, Dave & Terri—Trinidad/Tobago

*Missionary to take over the church when they leave this year
*Their Religious Instruction class in the local high school
*Men to become spiritual leaders

Nibbe, BJ Jr & Arezoo—Romania (deputation)

*At 90%+ support
*Preparation for departure on May 2, arrival May 3
*Busy spring-meetings schedule

Nordman, John & Gwen―Australia

*His healing from bone cancer
*Need new housing by last of March

Osgood, Charles & Lindsey—Team Ghana

+Answers to prayer for Lindsey’s health—no gallstones, root canal for infected tooth, and stomach pain greatly reduced
*February 27–March 3: week of prayer and fasting at their Barekuma church
*Visitor-Emphasis Month in March in their main church in Bohyen

Poole, Walter & Suni—Cambodia

*Desires for 2017
+Workers to join them, whether nationals or fellow missionaries
+Purchase of land and building
+Additional English-preaching service
+Family’s health and children’s development

Sarver, Mike & Maria—Team Ghana

God to use a newlywed couple, Osei and Mavis, for His glory (They have a desire to reach the neighbors in their new neighborhood with the Gospel.)

Sinoy, Emmanuel & Aivie—Thailand (Thai & Burmese people)

*$500 for 2 months’ deposit and 1 month’s rent
*$500 for air conditioning for children’s room
*$5,000-$6,000 to build a temporary church and Sunday school building on rented property (will meet under a tent until they can build)

Smith, Robert & Rhoda—Barbados

*Buddy and Becca as they teach in Junior Church and KITS Club
*Discipleship program (well-grounded members now teaching others)
*His tutoring English as a second language
*September-November furlough
+Raise $500/month support
+Need the right couple to oversee the work in their absence
+Need to fill their schedule with both supporting churches and new churches

Sock, Paul & Jolie—Poland

*Working on their Polish driver’s licenses
*Very special unspoken
*New couple to join them in the work
*Their health
*Souls saved and baptized

Tevault, Bob & Susan—Philippines

*Bible study in Labangal to become a church (Pastor Junius Rivera)
*Their full weekly schedule

Zemeski, Bob & Kathi—Ireland

*His health
+March 2 removal of a heart-loop recorder
+Many health issues, including fatty liver, enlarged pancreas, low-grade cancer in his prostate, and need for tooth implant
*Her health
+Reoccurring pain, swelling, and fluid in her knee
+Awaiting angiogram on the knee for leaking blood vessel
*Hoping for six-week furlough beginning in April through middle of May (been delayed due to health issues
*Waiting for Kathi’s knee situation to be remedied