Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter:  The Joy of Soul WinningDecember 2017 began as a quiet month, but it was not without the spirit of Christmas. A pastor in town asked me if I wanted to sing in his church’s Christmas cantata in late December. I answered, “YES!” and showed up for practice every time. On December 22, I was nervous; I had never sung in a choir in front of many people, though I have preached in front of people hundreds of times. The cantata went well. I made a little mistake, but no one noticed it! After the preaching, 4 people raised their hands for salvation during the invitation. Amen!

On December 24, three pastors and I, along with our families, got together for dinner and fellowship. It was good food and a good time—no need to be lonely on the mission field. Amen!

Two days later I went to visit my mom in our hometown. While there, I crossed paths with a friend from childhood, someone I had not seen for about 30 years. He asked, “What are you up to now?” I told him how I got saved, how I went to college, and how I came to the mission field. Afterwards I invited him to come to a Baptist church in town. He immediately answered, “YES!” I picked him up for the church service the next day, and during the invitation, he got saved! I was so glad for him. The day I left town, I stopped by his work to say goodbye. He hugged me and thanked me so much for such a great blessing!

I also went around the area where my mom lives and gave people Gospel tracts with the local church address and the pastor’s information on them. I thank GOD for using me to bring souls to HIM and to show people the joy of it.


And we are now into a new year! Last year I followed my goals right on schedule until the very last day, until the very last hour of the year. I have new goals for this year. It is now late January, but for some strange reason, I cannot put my goals down yet with conviction. I am praying morning and night, asking GOD to give me peace and conviction to write them down and work towards them. God’s answer is not too far away. In the meantime, I will continue to pray, to be sensitive to the voice of God, to be patient, and to continue winning souls.

Please continue to pray for:

1. God’s power to preach and win souls.
2. Goals for the new year.
3. Finances.
4. Family’s spiritual life.

In His service,

Ricardo Leyva