Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Anticipation of 2018As we enter a new year with all that we can anticipate from it, reflection on 2017 gives us some great encouragement for an even better 2018. Our goal this year is to reach more people for the Lord in outlying communities, such as Latrobe and Ulverstone, all within 12 miles of the city of Devonport. We would ask that you join us in prayer that we would see many more souls get saved as we saturate these towns with the Gospel. We thank the Lord for the continued spiritual growth of others who came to know the Lord in 2017 and for the visitors He continues to send our way.

Our encouragement has been spurred on recently by seeing 5 adults in Latrobe accept Christ as their Saviour. While out door knocking, we met a group of people here on foreign work visas—talk about a captive audience! It was a balmy summer’s Saturday afternoon. People from Vanuatu (a South Pacific group of islands) had just returned from a day’s work on a nearby strawberry farm. Peter, Laurie, Ivong, Elizabeth, and Rita were merely waiting for someone to come along and show them the truth of how to get to Heaven. Praise God for the outcome, as each one bowed his head to receive the gift of eternal life. While we have seen other Vanuatu workers come to Christ and visit church in the past, it is frustrating that their work schedules hinder them from coming to church. Please pray that we can meet more of these foreign workers. We have returned already on a late Saturday afternoon, but none were home. We presume it is due to being the peak of the season for picking the fruit. They begin work at 6 a.m. and normally do not finish work until late each day, seven days per week, over a five-month period.

We also ask you for continued prayer for spiritual growth for Cassandra. She cannot always get a ride to church. Please pray specifically that we can find a time and place for us to meet with her to begin a discipleship course with her. She hungers to learn from God’s Word and always has Bible questions. Would to God that every new convert was so enthusiastic over learning from the Word of God!

Thank you again, especially for your ongoing support. Practically, this makes so much of a difference in the people we are able to reach with the Word of God in this tiny part of the world.

Sincerely, in the service of our King,

Bro. Andrew Steers