Missionary #6506 Prayer Letter:  Much to Be Thankful For!There is much to be thankful for these past couple of months. I praise God for the souls that were saved and for the many who heard the Gospel for the first time! I praise God for the safety and the durability of our van! We traveled over 6,000 miles in 6 weeks! Praise God for His holiness and that His mercies endure forever! Praise God for His wisdom and help in time of need—and I need Him all the time! Praise God for the power of His Word!

While traveling, we pulled over into an oasis, and some of the kids were a little restless. After our short stop, I was earnestly correcting one of my children and explaining how important their behavior was, especially in the eyes of unsaved people. While I was in the middle of correcting my child, a lady came up to me, and one of my children politely interrupted my speech to point her out. I am sure she couldn’t hear what I was saying because we were in the van about ready to leave. I opened the door and apologized for not noticing her right away. She wanted to express how impressed she was with our kids and gave us money to treat the whole family! I was a little confounded as to how to respond, but I thanked her for her kindness. Praise God for the favor that He gives, especially since we don’t deserve it!

Recently, I was at a library with my family. Since we have a somewhat large family, almost everywhere we go, someone makes a comment about our children, and such was the case with an older man in the library. In our conversation, he claimed he was an ordained minister, but he also showed me his two buddies, which were stuffed animals in a carrying bag. He made a comment with a tone and enthusiasm that got my attention. He said that I must preach the truth regardless of how crazy people might think I was. He said that it wasn’t my business and concern how they responded to truth; I was just to preach the truth! I can’t imagine what people thought of Ezekiel lying on his side or eating a cake made from cow’s dung and then preaching the words of God.

One Saturday morning out soul winning, I was paired with a young Bible-college student. The first conversation was initiated by the student, asking if I had seen one of the latest popular movies. I confessed my ignorance and became concerned, not with my partner, but with young Bible-college students in general. I led a man named Kelly to the Lord that day, and my partner expressed how he had never heard someone share the Gospel in that way before. I began to wonder how he was used to seeing people get saved!? Our young people are a product of our influence and investment. My soul-winning partner was an outstanding young man with a heart to serve Christ, but we need to wake up to the condition of our young people before it’s too late!

I am hoping that the next two months will be fruitful in obtaining meetings for next year, as we are at one place in Tennessee until the end of January. Pray that I can make the phone calls I need despite the poor phone reception where we are staying. Although my heart is grieved for the lack of churches that have organized soul winning, please pray for wisdom to make opportunities as I desire daily to purposely share the Gospel. Praise God for the example of churches like Hopewell Baptist Church in Longmont, Colorado, where Pastor Seulean is witnessing and seeing people saved every day of the week in one of the most difficult places to witness! Thank you for your prayers and support! Oh, that God’s people would use their eyes to watch and pray!!!

Missionary #6506 and Family