Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Life Is Changing!

Merry Christmas!

The year 2019 has been a busy year with highs and lows! A lot has happened. Our son Daniel graduated in May. Then after an exciting summer, we travelled back to the U.S. in September to witness Daniel and Rachel get married. It was a beautiful wedding that perfectly portrayed their love and commitment to each other and to Christ.

Shortly thereafter, my father Ron passed away to Glory. So, I traveled over again to provide support for my family during this difficult time. Please continue to think of my mother, Anne Solt. Yet with all of this, God has faithfully provided for our family needs. We serve a GREAT God!

Church Is Progressing

Christmas at Wycliffe is a busy time. Wonderful traditions blend with family fun and sincere Christian fellowship. We thank God for our loving church friends and their desire to take Christ to their community for Christmas. So far, we have had 79 saved and 105 visitors in church! My personal goal is 100 souls saved for the year, and we are not far off from this. I also want to rejoice that 1,128 souls have professed faith in our Lord Jesus Christ since we have come to the Northwest of England! Next year, we plan to blitz our area with soul winning and visitation, reaching into as many open doors and hearts as God allows.

Also, we are encouraged to have an opportunity to invest in the lives of several young adults on our Sunday afternoons at home. To see young people opening their Bibles after lunch with sincere questions and interest is a true blessing. May God raise up the next generation of His faithful followers.

Life Is Changing

Our youngest son Jeremy is planning to join his brother Josh at Hyles-Anderson College in the fall of 2020. This means we will soon be “empty nesters,” which will give Mary Beth and me more time for service on the field. However, Jeremy works so hard here in the church that his leaving will create a huge gap. Please continue to pray for health and wisdom for Joshua as he continues his junior year at college.

With Thanks

Our thanks for all the prayers, packages, cards, and kindnesses to our family. We are blessed by faithful friends who remember us all year, but also by those who make a special effort for Christmas. By God’s grace, we have now served 23 years on the field here in England. Of course, we wouldn’t be here without you! May God sincerely bless all who pray and give so we can continue this work for Christ in 2020.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy