Mike Sarver Prayer Letter:  Special VisitorsOur family has had a very blessed November; we have so much for which to be thankful.

A Visit From Mom!

Maria’s mother, Theresa Osgood, was with us for almost two weeks. She, a mother of 13, has 2 children serving here in Ghana—Maria and her brother, Charles Osgood. Mrs. Osgood was also accompanied by our friend, Mrs. Soline Brown. Mrs. Brown is a Cambodian lady, whose family was reached by a missionary, so she has a big heart for missions. Both ladies have a great love for our Lord and for people. They enjoyed our church services, went soul winning with Maria, saw where we shop, took our kids to Total Filling Station for ice cream, cooked for us, shared many meals with us, and were even here for Faith’s 6th birthday. Our time together went so quickly. We thank God they could come!

FBMI’s Missions Mastermind

I was blessed to spend several days with the following missionaries: Randy DeMoville (Philippines), Zach Foust (Peru), John Hays (water-purification ministry), Mark Holmes (Nigeria), Ed Johnson (Brazil), Jeremy Johnson (South Africa), Peter Morris (Kenya), Tim Shook (Thailand), Jerry Wyatt III (Tanzania), and three more from countries not as open to the Gospel. The following men from the First Baptist Church of Hammond and our mission board, FBMI, came to conduct the conference: Mark Bosje, Dan Siemer, and John Cole. What a meeting of the minds and hearts! What men of God! Our church was privileged to help host this meeting. Topics such as training nationals, working with fellow missionaries, and effectively using media in missions were discussed. The fellowship was inspiring and so helpful.


Back in February, my son John, my Sunday school class member Samson Badu, and I invited a lady named Vida Adomako to church. She made an excuse that she had three young children to care for, and it would be too difficult to get them ready and then make the 10-minute walk to our church. We kept visiting her; and, to our surprise, she came for the first time on March 10, 2019. When our family returned from our two-month furlough, I was so happy to hear that Vida had visited our church several times in our absence. She attended the main service several times and then attended our Sunday school class two weeks before our return. She was saved at our church and baptized, and she joined the church in October. I thank God that Vida is now attending Sunday school and church every week now.

Thank you for believing in us!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver