Missionary #6013 Prayer Letter: Excited to Be on the Road Again Full-TimeIt is hard to believe that summer is already almost over! In many ways, we thought this year would never end, but now we are just a few months from a brand-new year. The summer has been less busy for us while we get back into the rhythm of traveling and build up, once again, the momentum we lost during the quarantine. Praise the Lord! We have a multitude of meetings already lined up for the fall, and many potential meetings are being scheduled. Deputation can be frustrating for a missionary eager to get to his field, but we get so much joy from getting to meet many people who are faithfully serving in their local churches. We are excited to be on the road full-time again and are looking forward to our favorite part of deputation—seeing what God is doing in His churches across the country.

Special Blessings

In our most recent prayer letter, we had asked for prayer concerning the selling of one of our cars. We were blessed to find a great deal on a used SUV that will enable us to travel more easily while on deputation. We had been trying for a couple of months to sell our old car at a fair price and were praying for God to help. Thankfully, several weeks ago, God answered that prayer and sent us the right person to take the car off our hands finally. We send our thanks to all of you who helped by praying with us.

Special Prayer Requests

China has become an even greater burden in our prayer life due to recent events. Many of you may already be aware of how China has quashed the protests in Hong Kong and essentially removed all the freedom that Hong Kong had been allowed in the past. I am pleased to see that since the epidemic, however, China has drawn a lot of attention from global authorities. Despite the pressure from that attention, China has continued to move forward in their efforts to remove liberties from their people, mainly their religious liberties.

As things escalate, I would like to remind our prayer partners about what we have shared in the many churches where we have presented our calling: we do not feel yet that God is leading us to live and work outside of Mainland China. It is our sincerest belief that God does not reveal His will until the time to make decisions has come. While we do not have plans yet to go outside of China, we realize that by the time we finish deputation, it may be God’s will for us to alter our plans.

No matter what may happen, our calling has always been to reach and train the Chinese people, and we will strive to accomplish this, whether it is in Mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Cambodia, or somewhere else. We ask for your prayers while we pray for God’s wisdom and leading. We pray for the kind of change in China that only God can accomplish. We pray that God will open those doors and give freedom to the Chinese people.

Finally, please pray for Bri. She is a woman I met out soul winning recently, who has been on my personal prayer list. She had a lot of honest questions and seemed very open to hearing the Gospel, but she is not ready yet to accept Christ. Please pray that we will be able to meet again when we are back in town and that the Lord will continue to work on her heart until then.

Here for Him,

Missionary #6013