Christopher Sage Prayer Letter: New Church Plant Already Outgrowing Meeting PlaceThank you for your prayers for the new church in Queretaro. The Lord is working in a wonderful way!

When we were able to go soul winning and visit again in July, the Lord began to bring people out to the Sunday morning service in the pastor’s house. Several families now have been attending. The people in Queretaro have been receptive to the Gospel and to coming to church. I have been surprised! People told me that Queretaro was a very hard place to start a church because the people were closed to the Gospel. It shows how the Lord is able to work, no matter the circumstances.
The first Saturday when Pastor Aguilar and I were able to visit the few who had been coming to church, the Lord crossed our paths with a young lady pushing a baby stroller and her mother. They both got saved and wanted us to come to their apartment to witness to the rest of the family. Many now in that family have been saved and have come to the church, and some are attending faithfully.

Pastor Aguilar had been looking for a house to rent for his family for two to three months. When the Lord finally provided a place, he witnessed to the neighbors, and they were both saved. The sister of the husband had been saved and attending the church pastored by Dr. Luis Ramos for three years. She had been praying for them to be saved. Their son, who had a problem with drug addiction, is now in the ministry of Dr. Ramos’s church, much like an RU home. He has been saved and baptized and is growing as a Christian. The fingerprints of our Father and our Saviour are obvious in this situation. God’s providence is amazing!

There is not enough room in the pastor’s house for all the people who have been coming to church, especially with the social-distancing rules. Thank you for your prayers regarding a place to meet. The Lord is leading us to expand the house we are in now into an auditorium that could seat 70-80 people. How gracious God is to provide! We will need another place for Pastor Aguilar and his family to live.

Thank you for your prayers for a van also. The Lord has provided about half of the money needed already! There is a great opportunity next year to serve a team of workers and start three to four churches, but the van is essential. Even now it would be helpful. Please pray about the possibility of helping with this need.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for God’s power on the new church in Queretaro.
2. Pray for God’s power on the new church plants next year and the fullness of the Holy Spirit to serve a team of workers.
3. Please pray for the Lord to provide a good, dependable, used van.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage
Missionary to Mexico