Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: Making Known the Mystery of the Gospel“. . . to make known the mystery of the gospel, For which I am an ambassador in bonds . . . .”
(Ephesians 6:19-20)

Praise the Lord! What an honor it is to get to make known the mystery of the Gospel! It has been great to meet and serve with the people of God these last couple of months. We have bounced around the Southeast telling everyone about the work God is doing in China, while at the same time getting to see His work here in the churches we have visited. It has been an encouragement and a blessing to be at every meeting we have had so far this spring.

The Lord also allowed us to make known His mystery to the lost. S____ led a young teen girl to Christ while out soul winning with the church. Just a week later, I was waiting for an oil change when I noticed a couple standing off to the side waiting for their car to get finished. I struck up a conversation with them. Sylvia had grown up in a “preacher’s home,” and Kasuga hadn’t had much influence at all from church. Neither one could say with certainty that they would go to Heaven. So as we waited, I explained the Gospel to them. When I asked if they would like to pray and ask Christ to save them, they both said, “Yes!” In March, we went out soul winning with the church that taught me how to share the Gospel. While out that day, S____ and I got to see 4 saved! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, once back in the vehicles, we found out there were 26 souls saved all together! Praise the Lord for salvation and His willingness to use sinners to preach the mystery of the Gospel to the lost!

There are several things I’d like to ask pray for. The first one is Airic Briggs, the youth pastor at Bible Baptist Church, Palm Harbor, Florida. He has a sickness with severe symptoms that the doctors, so far, are unable to figure out how to treat. Please keep him and his wife in prayer during this trying time. Also, keep us in prayer for our safety as we travel. Please be in prayer also for a smooth process when the time comes to apply for our visas to return to China. Praise the Lord, we have had several new churches take us on recently. We are inching our way closer to returning to China. The people there are still as hungry as ever to hear answers and truths from God’s Word. Thank you for supporting us so that we can get the greatest story on earth to the greatest population on earth.

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004