Shari House Prayer Letter: The Joys of Working on a TeamOne of the joys of working on a team is sharing in life’s special moments together. It makes being away from family more bearable. It was a pleasure for our American and Thai staff to have a special baby shower for our coworker, Brittany Beil. Little Judah made his appearance on February 12, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our newest team member. He’s a favorite at church too.

This year in Junior Church, I am teaching the children the attributes of God, and for Valentine’s Sunday, we learned about His great, unconditional love for us. The kids were pleased with their special treats, and so were the adults. We gave out rose bushes and chocolates, and we had our annual photo shoot. It is such a blessing to see couples faithfully attending church together and bringing their children.

It is a blessing that the girls I mentioned in my last prayer letter continue to attend church faithfully and have been participating in our Thursday night visitation program. I just love spending time with them and pray that they will continue to grow spiritually. Please continue to pray for Song, Grahda, Chompoo, Model, Kwan, Jip, and Jang.

Recently we took a couple van loads of people to do a Tract Blitz in Phetchaburi, a town of about 30,000, located an hour north of us. We have between 15-20 people who attend church weekly from this area and from the town just south of it. We are hoping to start a church plant there in the future. The Lord blessed, and we were able to hand out hundreds of tracts and see 58 souls trust Christ.

A few weeks ago, this young girl showed up at church just as our services were finishing. Her outfit, a clown costume of sorts, was covered in dust, no doubt from hours of walking the streets trying to make some money. Her name is Ning. She was handing out “free” bags of peanuts in exchange for birthday donations, as it was supposedly her birthday that day. Several of us took her up on her offer, and we also gave her a free lunch. I asked El to share the Gospel with her. Ning listened attentively and was so excited to learn that Jesus had a free gift He was offering her too. She sweetly bowed her head and trusted Christ as her Saviour. Praise the Lord, now she has two birthdays to celebrate!

May the Lord bless you for your faithful prayers and financial support for the work here in Thailand.

Shari House