Micah Christiansen Prayer Letter:  Almost Halfway There!Abbie and I are happy to report that we are at 48% of the support we need! It is so exciting to realize that we are practically halfway to our goal. I have been told that the second 50% is easier to raise than the first 50%. I sure hope my sources are right!

December and January are slow months for deputation, but Abbie and I were blessed with getting to present our ministry to one church in December and to four churches in January.

One of those churches we went to in January was a rare sort of surprise. The pastor called me and scheduled me to come to his church – the following Sunday! That never happens!

January was also a great month for scheduling meetings. God allowed me to schedule meetings at thirteen different churches during the month! Abbie and I are now scheduled in a different church every Sunday from now to the end of May, and we have some midweek meetings as well.

We enjoyed some unusually warm weather in January, and on one of those warm days, Abbie and I did some door-to-door soul winning. We were not even supposed to be in that town that day, but our travel plans had fallen through. We were close to finishing knocking doors when I noticed two boys playing in the yard across the street. I do not normally talk long with unattended children; but I had already talked to the mom at that house, and she had been very nice. I figured she would let us talk to her boys if we asked. As Abbie and I walked toward the boys, they saw us coming and tried to escape inside the house. However, the door was locked! I asked if I could tell them a Bible story, and before long Juwon and Raykari trusted Jesus as their Saviour! I do not often get to witness to children, so I really enjoyed the experience!

Since my last prayer letter, my mom’s cancer has gotten worse. Mom’s case has been very unusual, so the doctors have given up trying to predict how much time she has left. We thank God for His grace and ask that you would pray for wisdom for my family as we prepare for the days ahead.

Yours for souls,

Micah Christiansen