Scott Christiansen Prayer Letter:  5th Anniversary Big Day“My times are in thy hand . . . .” (Psalm 31:15) As we finished one year and began another, it is comforting to know that our Lord is control of our lives.

Mrs. Lawrenson, Debbie, Mrs. DeMoville, and Ritchelle at IBC

Mrs. Lawrenson, Debbie, Mrs. DeMoville, and Ritchelle at IBC

Debbie’s Health

Our son Caleb made his way back to the States in late December after being with us for nearly six months. He continues preparing for the ministry at Hyles-Anderson College as he interns at FBMI. It was difficult to have him leave, since he was such a great help and comfort to us, but we knew that he needed to continue with God’s calling on his life.

God provided a wonderful caregiver to take up some of the duties involved in Debbie’s care. Debbie was able to lead Ritchelle to the Lord on her first day of work with us, and she is growing as she attends church with us. Another temporary caregiver was saved and baptized in January. Soul winning still works!

Debbie can still go to church on Sunday mornings, but she is battling many aspects of her cancer. Thank you to all who are upholding us in prayer and asking God to give us wisdom and grace. We are thankful for each day we have together. Her doctors now refuse to predict the course of her illness, since she has exceeded all expectations. However, we know that our times are in God’s hand.

5th Anniversary Service – 603 present and 48 baptized!

5th Anniversary Service –
603 present and 48 baptized!

The Work Goes Forward

International Baptist Church of Dumaguete City had a great year, with over 6,645 saved and 194 baptisms. In January 2016 we saw 1,080 saved and 71 baptized. I continue teaching at our Bible college and taking our 21 students out soul winning. God is using our students to reach the lost in homes, hospitals, and parks as they train for their future ministries.

On January 24, we had a big day as we marked the 5th anniversary of our church’s beginning. Everyone worked very hard, and we were thrilled to see 603 in attendance for the morning service and 48 baptisms! This is the greatest attendance so far in the history of our church.

Let us all keep working for souls as we also keep watching for our Lord’s return. The year 2016 could be when the trumpet sounds! Jesus said, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” (John 9:4)

Grateful for your prayers and support,

Scott and Debbie Christiansen