Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  For the Cause of ChristGreetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil! Thank you again for praying for our family and ministry here! We appreciate all of the churches and individuals who have read our letters and have given toward the many needs. We thank the Lord for each one of you and your care for missions!

We want to report that God is working in a great way! We will start with a lost sheep who has come back to the fold! For years one young lady was faithful to church, but during her teen years, she eventually stopped coming. When we visited her, she always said how much she wanted to come back. Recently she returned and said, “I want to be faithful!” She repented of leaving and is so happy to be back. She has convinced her alcoholic father to come to church, and he has promised he will. Her mother is a practicing Catholic and Spiritist, her sister just joined the Mormon church, and another sister curses her continually. Please pray for Julianna!

Our neighbor Hernandez told me that the new Pentacostal church that recently opened in front of ours makes him so angry. They play loud music and yell into a microphone even late at night. There are also four Satanic temples surrounding our church. He told me that our church is the only one he respects. He is not yet ready to trust Christ as his Saviour, so I told him that when the Lord comes back, he can have all of our earthly possessions. It made him think. I assured him where we are going, we will not need or miss them! Please pray for Hernandez to be saved and learn of God’s redeeming power.

If you can, imagine the false teachers inundating the television and radio stations and a new false religion popping up on every corner. The masses are following these false religions and their promises of prosperity and healing. Jesus Christ bled and died for them, and we ask you to pray diligently for us as we work to reach them. These lost souls, who have been enticed by materialism and lied to about salvation by works, need to know the truth of the Gospel and salvation by grace. He paid the ultimate price, and we are working to help them understand that it was sufficient.

We are thankful for the many visitors and souls we had the privilege to lead to the Lord, not only in our services in both churches but also out on soul winning and visitation. Nathanael told us his mother would never be saved. When we visited her, she invited us in, listened and agreed with the Gospel message, and unashamedly trusted Jesus Christ as her Saviour. On church-wide soul winning, Maria was eager to share the Gospel. She talked with a young girl who had just come from church, yet she was not very interested. Amy stood at the doorway of an enclosed park and pointed those who entered to Maria, who then shared the Gospel, and 4 young men were saved! Amy led a couple to Christ who listened respectfully to the Gospel, and I led a father who wept as he trusted the Lord for salvation on a very hot and sunny day.
We purchase discipleship booklets and teach weekly Bible studies in the homes of families who on average have two to three different religions represented. There is a great need for teaching the truths of God’s Word! We would like to have the next level purchased and ready for those who have already finished the first level soon. The books cost $3 each, if you would like to help with this need.

I purchase and deliver cement, sand, and rocks to the construction site in order to save on the cost and delivery of all of these materials. Normally, at least a half-ton of building materials is brought in at a time. Thank you to those who have invested in this great cause—the cause of Christ! He is worthy of it all! The needs continue, and the building project seems never-ending, as well as the mounting costs for materials and labor, not to mention, replacing stolen tools.

Your part in this ministry makes it possible for us to build buildings, spread the Gospel, and train new converts. Helpers are still needed! My wife and I visited and prayed with a lady tonight who is very confused after years of false doctrine and teaching. We have much work to do.

May the Lord bless you for praying and supporting this ministry!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family