Osmin Gutierrez Prayer Letter: The Ministry Continues to Go Forward

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I pray this letter finds you well. The ministry continues to go forward here in Honduras. We are thanking God for His provision. God provided the funds for the construction of our storage room/guard sleeping quarters/water tank. We spent al [...]


Mark Rader Prayer Letter: Breaking Records

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God has blessed us supremely this August and September here in Peru. Our son Paul has started kindergarten. Every week we've had visitors in our services. We're leading souls to Christ, and our people are learning to do the same at our soul [...]


Ricardo Leyva Prayer Letter The Blessing of Hurricane Irma

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Last August, our son came from Bible college to visit us on the mission field. He stayed for three weeks, and we were glad to have him after him being at college for a year and a half. He is a grown-up man, but he still loves his mom’s cook [...]


Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter: Persistent Soul Winning

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Our church theme for this year has been “. . . Let us rise up and build . . . .” from Nehemiah 2:18. One aspect of this theme has been focusing on several construction projects that our church has pending. We have decided not to go into deb [...]


Nathan Goodpaster Prayer Letter: More Laborers Arrive and More to Train, Buy a Column

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Chemo Update The summer months have ended, and we are enjoying the start of fall weather here in Cincinnati. Our girls have begun school again, with Julie excited to be in kindergarten. Jonathan is doing well overall and is in the middle of [...]


Jeremy Witte Prayer Letter: Character Camp and the Church Renovation

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Character Camp Thank you for praying for our Character Camp in August. The game time, as well as the craft time, went very well. The children were well behaved and listened to the most important time, which was the Bible lesson. The Gospel [...]


Tom Dinius Prayer Letter: WAIT on the Lord!

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“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” (Psalm 27:14) In this day and age of fast everything, sometimes we find it hard to wait. The Lord asked us to wait on Him. Since our last [...]


Mark Rader Prayer Letter: Building for the Future

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Our June and July were packed full of blessings here in Peru. Our little baby Rebekah is blossoming into one of the sweetest babies you could imagine. On June 10, Sarah and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Sarah and I were also blessed to [...]


Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter: A Joy to Report

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It is a joy to report what the Lord has done the last two months. In the month of May and June, we had 12 first-time visitors in our services. Through much prayer and many hours on visitation, we also were blessed to have 16 people trust Je [...]


Osmin Gutierrez Prayer Letter: A Lot Going on in Our Ministry

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We have had a lot going on in our ministry since our last prayer letter (I have included pictures). The last week of May, we celebrated our 16th anniversary. My good friend, Pastor Danny Motta, from North Carolina came to preach for us. We [...]

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