Larry Johns Prayer Letter:  Anticipating a Fruitful YearSpring has finally sprung, but you would not be able to prove that with the current outside temperature of 39°F in Southeastern Michigan. It is said that if spring comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. I am looking forward to seeing the Lamb (in more ways than one).

Since our last reporting period, we have seen 79 offenders come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We seem to be in somewhat of a holding pattern, with no new volunteers coming on board or any new preaching opportunities opening up. We have, however, recently been granted the possibility of a temporary ministry opening up at Michigan Intake in Jackson, Michigan, a very fruitful soul-winning location where we successfully ministered previously for over eight years. We lost this opportunity three years ago because of, what the Michigan Department of Corrections called, “a reduced prison population.” Please pray that this not only comes to fruition but turns again into a permanent place of ministry.

My health continues to improve. With the aid of a leg brace for my “foot drop,” I am able to slowly negotiate the quarter-mile jaunt from the prison front desk to the chapel. My heart seems to have “taken a licking and kept on ticking.” I see my cardiologist next month for confirmation of this. Please also pray with us about this.

Although we are ministering in fewer prisons with fewer volunteers, like the woman who anointed our Lord’s head with her alabaster box of spikenard, “She [we] hath done what she [we] could . . . .” (Mark 14:8) Even though 2017 had its challenges physically, financially, and emotionally, we plan on keeping on keeping on for Jesus in the harvest field to which He has called us. We are anticipating a great and fruitful year.

In His service,

Larry Johns
Ecclesiastes 9:10