Missionary 6501 Prayer Letter: Giving Thanks!Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday of the year. Every year we have much for which we can give thanks. This year is no exception.

A Blessed Conference!

In October, my wife and I were privileged to spend about eight days in the U.S. to participate in a conference in Decatur, Illinois. Salem Baptist is pastored by a graduate of my alma mater, and this church treats us like family. In fact, only one other time in our lives has a church been as generous towards us financially as this church was. In addition to affording us the opportunity to reconnect with many friends and loved ones, the trip also gave us the chance to hold our granddaughter for the first time. We saw about a dozen people trust Christ during our brief stay!

Blessings on the Field!

After a couple of months with anemic church attendance, we have seen some of our “regulars” return. We have also had a few extra visitors stop in as well. Witnessing opportunities continue to increase as our language skills inch their way forward. Pray for a young agnostic who is taking English classes with me. It seems that he has opened his heart to us, and we are praying he will do the same to our Saviour.

Team Eurasia Is Growing!

One day before Thanksgiving, a sweet couple is scheduled to join us on the field. The husband is a graduate of Luis Ramos’ Bible college in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. One week later we head back to the airport to pick up a widow lady from Michigan, who will also be joining our team. This dear lady has experience teaching in this part of the world and is eager to reenlist. A family of four is now approaching 80% of support needed and hopes to be with us by my birthday early next year. While I was Stateside for a conference just recently, two additional families spoke with me about joining up.

A Mutually Beneficial Opportunity!

I am so excited to report that my eighth book is “hot off the press.” We are using this new release as an opportunity to benefit your ministry and ours. This easy-to-read collection of 40 of my most memorable soul-winning stories could be used both to inspire and to instruct your congregation to take its soul winning to a whole new level. We are making it available to churches and individuals as a thank you for any contribution above $5.00. The book costs us about $5.00 to print. Every dollar that is contributed above that amount goes to help with the many expenses of our growing team. If you would like to get your own copy or make this available to your people, please call Answer Publications at (260) 467-9170 for details.

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