Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter:  A Weight LiftedI am very pleased to announce that we have paid off a debt we incurred while under a building project. This has been weighing on us for the last six years. We were so excited when we paid it off that we took the thermometer (which marked our progress) off the wall, wrapped it with firecrackers, and lit it on fire. When it didn’t blow up, we soaked it with gasoline and tried again, this time with great success. Everyone cheered as it went up in smoke.

We have had several spiritual victories recently, one of which was a young lady named Cindy who has been coming to church off and on for the last three years but has never been saved. My wife was talking to her after a service one Sunday, and she expressed a desire to get saved. My wife took her to a Sunday school room and led her to the Lord.

Another example of a spiritual victory is Hugo and Juani. (Juani is Cindy’s sister.) They, too, have been coming to our church for the last three years. They have both been saved, as well as their three children, but they have never been married. Hugo told me his dad has always discouraged marriage and told him not to worry about it. After living together for 12 years, they finally made the decision to get married. I am very happy for this couple, as I see them growing spiritually and making big spiritual decisions for the Lord.

Please pray for Manuel Hernández, a man who has been coming to our church ever since it started 10 years ago. His kidneys have completely shut down, and he is having many complications because of it. He has been in the hospital for the last month. He is having a hard time getting better so that they can give him a more permanent fix. Also, pray for his family, as they are going through a rough time financially right now.

Thank you to everyone who keeps up with our ministry and checks in from time to time to express your concern and love for us. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your faithful prayers and support.

His for souls,

Daniel & Misty Wilder, Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, and Serenity