Teerapat Phaisarnpiwat Prayer Letter:  A Disciple of Jesus

A Disciple of Jesus

The last couple of weeks, our English Bible Class has been learning about the 12 disciples. After learning about Philip, who told his friend about Jesus, we encouraged everyone to take tracts and pass them out throughout the week. They were so excited. Some came back the following week sharing how they had shared with strangers, classmates, teachers, and friends about Jesus. Many hear that we, along with Wut, go visiting and soul winning on Saturdays. My wife and I often receive messages, asking when we are going and if they can come too. Most of our visitors are friends or relatives of them. Seeing our small faithful group grow not only in the knowledge of our Saviour but also in caring about the ones around them who are in need of salvation is so exciting.


My wife has been trying to get a Resident Visa for a while now. This visa will make it so she doesn’t have to leave the country every 90 days for a stamp. Instead, she can just go to Immigration to check in. In September, we were told they wanted more paperwork. This month, her paperwork was all approved to be submitted in December, and her new one-year visa will be given in January. This is a big answer to prayer, for her current visa expires in January.

Seeing God

Seeing God working in our everyday lives has made us appreciate things a whole lot more. We have had some big needs and small ones, but each time God provided in just the right time or let us know to wait. Sometimes it is difficult to wait, not knowing if we will have what we need or not. Mother’s Day is in August here. The week of Mother’s Day, we had a financial gift given, and we were able to purchase a small gift for each of the mothers of the young people who attend our services. In September, we began praying for the finances for two new tires and an oil change for our church truck and for my wife’s visa. This past month’s support covered all those big expenses. Thank you for answering God’s urging to donate or pray for us in reaching the people here in Thailand. Several more now know about Jesus due to your faithfulness in helping us.

Prayer Requests/Needs

Hymnbooks ($10/book) – We are hoping to purchase 30 or 40 hymnbooks.
Laborers – Pray that God will bring a family to help us reach the Maeku and Pha Daeng villages or give us a couple to disciple and train.
Christmas Outreaches in December – Pray that hearts will be softened to receiving the Gospel, for preparation, and for the finances for the activities.
Parents to Be Saved – This is a prayer request dear to the hearts of the young people who attend our church.
Wisdom and Direction

God bless,

Teerapat and Tiffany Phaisarnpiwat