Jon Beil Prayer Letter:  Deputation Over--On Our Way to Thailand!We are finally able to say that this will be our last prayer letter written while on deputation! We praise God for His goodness and for raising our support in His timing. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for us during this journey of deputation. We truly believe your prayers have made a difference. The Lord has kept us safe over the thousands of miles traveled throughout these past two years and has taken care of all of our needs. These next two months will involve many “small details” to finalize before our move across the world. We are asking the Lord for a smooth process at the Thai Embassy next month, as well as wisdom in dealing with other paperwork and decisions we will be making regarding our transition.

Since our last letter, we have enjoyed being in many great churches on the West Coast, and we are excited that several of those churches have decided to partner with our ministry. We have just made our way back east to finish our last couple of meetings and have our final exit interview with FBMI. Please pray that the seeds of the Gospel that we have sown this month in California, Kansas, and West Virginia will be watered and harvested. We are specifically praying for Lisa, Joe, and Catherine, with whom we were able to share the Gospel at length, but who were not yet ready to receive it. We are also praying for a dedicated Sikh family we met in California that visit their temple every day. We were able to talk to them briefly about Christ and give their information to the church to follow up with them. Our country is truly a mission field within itself, and more laborers are needed within its borders. Will you answer the call?

It’s still hard to believe the journey God has brought us on from the start of deputation two years ago. From the time spent scheduling meetings and the many miles driven and flown, to the presentations given, sermons preached, and souls saved, God has always been good. To those of you who decided to partner with a young couple headed to Thailand, we thank you. If we presented at your church in the last two years and you currently are not partnering with us, we ask that you pray about what the Lord might have you do for those unreached in Thailand.

Our next update letter will be sent sometime in January 2020 from our new home in Thailand. Once we are settled, I will update our contact information. If you have any questions about our move or prayer requests, please let me know at 951-385-8420 or at Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Prayer Requests

(1) Final support before moving, (2) shipping pallet, (3) Thai visas, (4) housing in Thailand, (5) language studies, and (6) funds for the land project and church building in Thailand,

In His service,

Jonathan and Brittany Beil