Billy Carter Prayer Letter:  Back Home in GhanaWe would like to thank each of you for your continued support and for the abundant kindness shown to us while we were in America. We felt very loved because of your generosity and the great welcome we received at every church. We enjoyed getting to spend time in many of our supporting churches and were blessed by what we saw there.


Chloe’s Sunday school class

Back in Ghana

We have now settled back into the work here in Ghana and are happy to be back at home. Our friends made us feel very welcomed upon our return. Virginia is back in her place in the school, which continues to grow. She is busy training teachers and working with the students. Chloe is working hard in getting her school completed and in teaching her Sunday school class. (Chloe’s Sunday school class is pictured on the left.)


Columns being poured for the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Foase

Two New Church Buildings

I have just started the building of two church buildings for some of our graduates. The new buildings will be located in the towns of Sunyani and Foase. Both of these locations require that I travel a good distance from our home and church. Please keep me in your prayers, as travel in Ghana can be very dangerous. The buildings will house churches started by two of our graduates, Thomas Asare and Rexford Anning. These men have graduated from our Bible college and have started churches. (Columns being poured for the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Foase are pictured on the right.)

Church at Offinso

My church in Offinso continues to grow, and we had a great turnout for my first service back, with 55 people in attendance. Please join with us in praying for God to raise up some dedicated men to step up and help with this church. The fields are definitely ripe unto the harvest in the village of Offinso, and we need more laborers for the harvest there. Also, please pray for a series of revival meetings that we are planning to have in Offinso soon. Pray for a good turnout and for fruit that remains.


Bill Carter