Ron Back Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning in PajamasGod is so good! We want to thank you for the extra gifts for Christmas; they really made my family feel loved. We received several packages and cards here at the house also. It is wonderful to know that you remember your missionaries at Christmas.

In December my wife and I had just laid down for the night when there was a knock on the door. It was Chloe our neighbor, crying. They had lost their home and had to be moved out by Christmas Eve. We explained to her that though she would be moving away, we could see her in Heaven for eternity. As we were going through the Gospel, her partner Chris came over, so we started over. After answering all their questions about the Bible and giving them the Gospel, an hour and a half later, they sweetly trusted Christ as their Saviour. Chris said he felt like this unbelievable weight had been lifted off of him. We all praised the Lord and helped them move out the next day. They didn’t teach me in Bible college that I could be a soul winner in my PJs. I don’t recommend it, but if you have to do it—praise the Lord—God keeps us humble.

In January Shane, a young man who has been in the church for quite a while, got the assurance of his salvation at youth camp, and a man named Francis from Liberia prayed after church and received Christ also. Both were baptized the first week of February. Praise the Lord! We love being able to fulfill the Great Commission.

In February the Bible institute started with 18 students! I have been teaching on the Epistles this term. The other class being taught is the Trail of Blood. It is so much fun to see people start to understand why it is so important not only to study the Bible but also to understand where our Baptist heritage is from.

New Ministry Update

A few days ago, I spent over four hours in meetings with the Australian military trying to learn how we can best serve the Australian servicemen and women. I had a lot of good feedback from both the Navy and the Air Force. They are working with us, and hopefully, we will have a Servicemen’s Ministry this year. The American in me wants everything to be done right now, go in and get it done, but the reality is that we need God’s leadership and guidance and for Him to work on hearts.

Please pray for more souls to be saved and baptized, for the church to grow, for a permanent church home, for Brother Abrell’s continued recovery, and also for the Australian Servicemen’s Ministry. Please remember also to pray for safety and God’s protection for our family.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia