We are praying without ceasing that your ministries and lives are in His will. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support of the ministry here in Argentina. It has been a tough month on us physically, and we know your prayers made a difference. We both still have the lingering effects of infections and viruses.

The month began with me teaching in the seminary and Susie receiving a Sunday school class at a little church near our house that we also go soul winning with one day a week. The pastor of this church has a car from the 60s, and one Sunday we were able to help his family attend church because their car broke down—no AAA here! We had a campaign in the Sunday school giving the kids fake money to buy things at the end of the month. The goal was Bible memorization, obedience, and bringing visitors. It was such a success that we will do it again this month.

The Lord continues to receive the glory as we work for Him. While out soul winning in the streets, we saw 2 receive Christ as Saviour! We stood praying as 1 received Christ, and we gave 7 Bibles to folks who didn’t have the most important Book in the world.

July is a vacation month here in the schools. We will spend a lot of time promoting the seminary for the next semester that begins in August. Please pray for new and returning students. Pray for traveling mercies. Our health has suffered in different areas since our short visit to the States. Pray for this area. Pray for Granaros, a new area where we may start working. It’s actually an older church that has died and needs resurrecting. Thank you for keeping us on your prayer list.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson