Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: She Was Looking for a ChurchTo God be the glory; great things He has done! We thank you for helping us be a part of what He is doing here in Argentina. We are always thankful for our ministry here and for being your missionary. We enjoy being a part of His heavenly vision, leading the unsaved from darkness to light.

Our plans to buy a building for the new church plant have come to a halt, as the owner is scared the government will take his money. He is scared to keep it at home for fear of robbery. We are confident that the Lord has the best plan, and we are praying for His will.

What a joy it was on April 18 to be out soul winning and have 76-year-old Marta walk up to us and ask us if we were a Baptist church. She had been looking one, as she was new to the area. We’ve started a Wednesday Night Bible Study, and she is attending this also. We are studying “The Seven Steps to Joy,” and her sweet spirit is refreshing to all.

In personal soul winning, 20 received Christ, we stood praying as 16 received Him, we gave 1 assurance, and we gave out 14 Bibles. People are making decisions at the end of the services, and our group of 4 soul winners has grown to 8. We have visitors every week, and there is a servant-like attitude among the regulars.

With the success of this church plant going so well so quickly, we ask that you pray for Pastor Medina and his family. You know Satan hates faithful Christians. Pray for our health and safety. We are so thankful for your prayers. Also, if you send a card and we don’t thank you quickly, it’s because sometimes we get cards three months after the U.S. postmark. We do treasure the cards!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson