Sergio Robles Prayer Letter:  Thank God for an Awesome Summer!Thank God for an awesome summer here in Central Mexico! The months of July and August are our rainy-season months and bring cooler weather compared to the hottest month of May. July is a special month for us because we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Thank you for all the cards and emails sent for this special occasion, remembering our 14th anniversary.

In the month of July, we continued following up on new converts, visiting them every Monday night for discipleship lessons for spiritual growth. One of these new converts is Jesus Santoyo, whom I led to the Lord in very sad circumstances. I will share this testimony for the glory of God.

Coming back home with my family, right across from our house, I saw a couple walking on the street with their children. I noticed they were arguing, and all of the sudden, the wife punched the husband in the face, causing him to lose his teeth. I saw something coming out of his mouth after the impact on his face, and I thought it was chewing gum. The saddest thing that caused me to feel compassion was the terrified looks on the faces of the children as they watched their parents fighting each other. Right away I dropped my wife and children off at home and went back to see the husband, who by then was walking by himself in the opposite direction of his wife and children.

I approached him by saying that I was sorry for what I had seen happen, and I told him that I knew Someone Who could help with all of his problems and burdens. Of course, His name is Jesus, just like this man’s own name. I witnessed to him, and he trusted Jesus as his personal Saviour. He insisted that I go see his wife to share what he had just heard. I went to the house where his wife was living with the children, and I also led her and the children to the Lord. The following Sunday Jesus came by himself and got baptized. The next Sunday his wife and children came to church for the first time. Jesus is one of the converts we are still giving discipleship lessons to. He has been faithful since then, but his wife needs prayer to continue to come to church and to work on their marriage. Please for this family; pray that God will restore this married couple.

In the month of August, I performed the wedding vows for a young couple of our church. The young man is a graduate of our Bible institute and is now serving with his new bride in a church in the city of Michoacán about three hours south of where we live. Also in the month of August, my family and I drove three hours to a Bible conference in San Luis Potosi. The conference was challenging and refreshing, with a lot of good preaching about missions. Being challenged, we incremented our giving and took on two more missionaries for monthly support in the church of Apaseo el Grande.

In the month of September, we will celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. Every year we have a special service with special music, a lot of Mexican food, and fellowship; but the main purpose is to preach the Gospel to the new visitors who will be encouraged to come for the festivities and the food.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for us, especially for the months ahead of us of October and November as we prepare for our annual campaign. Our theme will be “Fruit That Remains.” We are praying that hundreds will be saved and baptized. We pray that many will begin being discipled and will stay in the church. Who knows? Maybe one of them will become a missionary or a pastor.

For the kingdom of God,

Bro. Sergio Robles