Angel Lopez Prayer Letter: Ceasing Not to Give Thanks for You“Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers.” (Ephesians 1:16)


Once again, I am grateful to Pastor Keith Hamilton of Forrest Hills Baptist Church, Snellville, Georgia, and also to Pastor Gary Beadles of Calvary Baptist Church, Coldwater, Mississippi, for the bus we got from them. I started to drive the bus for the people of San Jose Pinula on Sundays. Please pray for a place to meet with the people who are getting saved. We are struggling to find a place to meet with these dear people for the midweek service, Bible studies, discipleship, etc.


This mission is growing. I am praying that we can ordain Bro. Madrid as a minister of the Gospel at the end of this year and that we can see this mission become an independent Baptist church by 2017. Please pray for this special request.


Our church had a special service on August 28 for our sixth anniversary. In these six years, we’ve had adversities, but most of those things became blessings in the end. I am really grateful to you for your prayers and your support during these six years I have had the opportunity to serve the LORD in Guatemala.

Last month I had the privilege of helping a struggling new church on the eastern coast of Guatemala. I know the pastor there, Carlos Calles, through my friend, Pastor Adolfo Burdett of the Faith Baptist Church of Lenoir City, Tennessee. We spent days there soul winning and preaching. We are providing discipleship and other training materials for this new work in Rio Negro, Morales, Izabal, in Guatemala.


Almost a month ago, the post office where I have my P.O. Box account closed. They did not send me a notice or news about the closing. Please send any future mail to the old address: 15 Avenida 23-28 Zona 12, Reformita, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. God bless you all.


Angel Lopez

121 saved
6 baptized