Ron Back Prayer Letter: God Is Good!God is so good! Praise the Lord, we have been able to witness to some folks over the last two months. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is up and what is down with the constant COVID scares globally. The Australian government is looking at not allowing any international travel, besides emergencies and Aussies coming home, until 2024. Recently in the news, a man came from India to Perth, and now they are talking about new restrictions because there have been three cases related to him in Western Australia. Please pray for the folks in India; they have been showing mass cremations in the streets. It is very sad to think that many of these souls have stepped out into eternity without Christ.

In March, the government allowed interstate traveling, so we were able to take a little missions trip to Tasmania to see missionaries Andrew Steers and David Westbrook. While we were there, we were able to minister to Mrs. Laura Steers, as she is continuing to struggle with her breast cancer. Please pray that God would heal her from the cancer. Her spirit is so sweet, and though we were trying to be a blessing to them, they were a huge blessing to us. Mrs. Laura was extremely positive, and every chance she got, all she could do was praise the Lord and talk about how good God has been to her through the cancer and throughout her whole life. They enjoyed showing us the island, the people of Tasmania, and where Bro. Steers was raised.

While we were there, Bro. Westbrook allowed me to preach to their church, and we were able to fellowship and discuss the ministry together. What a blessing it was to be able to share with and talk about Bible doctrines with a fellow laborer in Christ. In Tasmania, they have not had any COVID-19, and they have not had very many restrictions, except for the national level ones. We were also able to witness to a man named Nick and lead him to the Lord. Please pray for Nick; he is a middle-aged man who needs to be baptized and grounded in the faith. Please pray for more laborers in Tasmania, as Bro. Westbrook’s is the only non-Calvinist, independent Baptist work. There are three major cities that need a fundamental Baptist church in them.

Missionary Russel Blanchard is getting ready for his surgery on his two aneurisms on May 11. Please pray that the surgery goes well with no complications. I have been very concerned about his possibly having a stroke, and all this is after his cancer surgeries and recovery. If you would also continue to pray for Mary, as we are just a few weeks away from the birth of our new grandson. Please pray also for more souls to come to Christ.


Ron Back
Missionary in Australia